Tyler Provo Talks on His In-Home Visit

The Syracuse commit spends time with the team's offensive coordinator to talk on where the team is at currently and its future with Provo in the mix. Provo shares with CuseNation.com inside.

Syracuse Orange football commit Tyler Provo was paid a visit this week by Orange offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Hackett traveled down to Florida to spend time with the tight end commit for the afternoon and through dinner. Burgers, Provo said, were on the menu. Previous to this meal, Hackett "ate steak for like the last week", according to Provo, so the Provo family kept the meat out, but gave Hackett a break from the norm.

The two spent most of their time together talking football, including Syracuse's upcoming bowl. "I brought it up," expressed Provo. "[We] talked a little bit about the bowl game, and what has to happen to be Big East champions. Rutgers has to win, Louisviile has to lose."

When asked what he thought about the Orange finishing strong, ending the season with a 7-5 record, Provo said, "I like it. I knew they could do it."

He continued to state his like of the "fast-paced offense" which the Orange instituted this season, which Provo has had experience in at American Heritage High School.

Moving on from this season, Hackett, according to Provo, spoke about "how he's gonna use me". "Beckett [Wales] has the most playing time," stated Provo, saying that there are no other tight ends that "played a down yet".

With Wales as the only tight end returning who has had experience on the field with Syracuse this season, Provo is "pretty confident" he will get on the field next season, agreeing that he believes he will be used in a rotation with Wales. His conversations with Hackett have included plays and him getting started sooner than later.

As far as who will be throwing him the ball, "There's two quarterbacks," Provo shared from his conversation with Hackett. "He likes them both a lot," referring to fellow commits Austin Wilson and Zach Allen. Hackett had visited Wilson before seeing Provo and Provo confirmed that Allen would follow him on Hackett's visit calendar.

While Hackett was with Provo, he spent time also with his father. "My dad was trying to figure out the offense," said Provo, because his father will be running a "similar offense to Coach Hackett next season".

"My dad's happy," expressed Provo. "He's fine with my decision."

When asked if any other schools continue to reach out to him despite his verbal commitment to Syracuse, Provo stated, "I still get mail from Louisville," but remains unshaken about his choice to become a member of the Orange football program, following the path his older brother, Nick, took just a few years before.

"He really liked my brother," Provo said of Hackett's relationship with Nick. He added that Hackett sees similarities in his "mannerisms, body language" to Nick. "We're about the same," said Provo of him and his brother, Nick. "We're like the same person."

"I'm pretty sure I can match what he did," expressed Provo. That would definitely give Syracuse something to smile about for its future, with Nick Provo ending his career with the Orange with over 1,000 receiving yards, nine touchdowns, and an average of more than 10 yards per catch in all of his four seasons.

"I think I can do more as a freshman," added Provo, in relation to what Nick accomplished with a mere four receptions as a backup.

His reasoning of why he believes he will be able to do more faster? "I feel like going in, I'm more prepared."

"He (Nick) was 220. I'm like 250, 6'3"," added Provo. "I prepared myself for this."

His meeting with Hackett was one step closer to putting action to those words, and he is looking forward to seeing more of Hackett. "He's a cool guy…he's a goofball," shared Provo. Provo admitted that he, too, likes to joke around and foresees his relationship with Hackett being a positive one. "We get along pretty well," stated Provo.

Coming off of his in-home visit with Hackett, as he remains anxious to elevate to his collegiate career at Syracuse, Provo plans to participate in the upcoming Florida versus Georgia game as well as a game in California.

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