Two Syracuse Coaches Visit Cleshawn Page

Syracuse has missed out on some defensive backs in the 2013 class. But they have turned to the JUCO ranks to add some talent into the defensive backfield. Two assistants went out to California to visit Cleshawn Page, who spoke with about where things stand.

Syracuse has spent some time in Los Angeles this week to meet with their JUCO targets at Los Angeles Harbor. It had been Greg Adkins that had been meeting with the prospects. While he did spend a little time with cornerback Cleshawn Page, it was primarily defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson who met with Page.

"It was coach Henderson, but coach Adkins met me at the school," Page explained. "I didn't talk to Adkins that much. Just talked about football and when my flight's going to get in for my visit. Just a little bit of information. He also told me about coach Henderson. Adkins met with Joe Walker and John Miller. I met with coach Henderson for the most part."

The meeting with Henderson was much more in depth than his interaction with Adkins. Henderson visited Page's home and spent time with his family. It was a positive visit that made an impression.

"Coach Henderson came over to the house for about two and a half hours, three hours maybe," Page recalled. "It felt long. We went over a lot of stuff. He and my grandpa were talking a lot. He was kind of excited about Syracuse. Me and my family are very excited about the whole thing. We were really just getting a feel for what the coach was talking about and about Syracuse.

"He talked to us about the visit and went over the whole itinerary. He pretty much just introduced himself and told us about how many years he was in the league (NFL). Basically just telling us where he's been and his resume. It was pretty cool."

Syracuse has missed out on several defensive back prospects in the 2013 class. But that could be a blessing in disguise, as Page has the type of skills that should allow him to be successful at the college level.

"He said I was offered a scholarship and they like how I play," Page said. "They like my physicality. I'm the type of guy that locks it down on the field. You can put me on their best guy and I'm going to lock him down. That's pretty much what they want me to come out there and do.

"I'm pretty fast. I run a 4.25. It helps me because I can make a mistake and cover it up with my speed. If I get beat off the line or something, it doesn't look as bad because I always get myself back in position."

Page is receiving interest from several schools. He has already visited Wyoming, is visiting Syracuse this weekend, and South Florida next weekend. Utah State and Louisiana Tech are also interested. The talented corner is taking his time and wants to see what each school has to offer.

"No one's standing out necessarily," Page offered. "I'm at the point where I just want to take all the trips and get the feel of every school. After I take those five trips, that's when I'll make my decision. I think I'm going to take a trip to Utah State after I visit South Florida. I might take a trip to Hawaii, but I'm not sure yet. Louisiana Tech also wants me to take a visit so I'll have to see. I'm going to do my research to figure out where I want to visit."

Syracuse has been among the schools showing Page the most interest. His family will be an important factor in his decision, and they have been impressed with the Orange so far.

"My family is very interested," Page claimed. "My grandfather he's always known about Syracuse. He's been watching them for a while because he's an older guy. He's telling me about the whole situation like it's a private university. My degree would mean a lot. That's always important."

The visit from coach Henderson made an impression on Page himself as well. He believes they could develop a good relationship should he choose to play for Syracuse.

"Yeah it was exciting," Page admitted. "I was happy I got to talk to him. He's a real cool dude. I could really see myself playing under him. I mean, he's been at the highest level. So it was cool. I would just want to learn from him as much as I could."

Page's teammates, Joe Walker and John Miller, have all discussed the possibility of playing together at Syracuse. It could be fun for the three to be teammates at the next level.

"Yeah a little," Page said. "It would be cool if I could go to school with people I already know. We are all real excited about taking the trip."

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