Cardinals Leaving the Nest

The University of Louisville becomes the sixth institution to move their athletic programs from the Big East Conference to the ACC. Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco responds inside.

Less than a day after the Big East Conference announced the addition of Tulane University in all sports and East Carolina for football, they will face another upcoming exit by one of their own.

The University of Louisville has been a member of the Big East since 2005, after deciding to leave Conference USA. With them, they will take all of their 23 athletic programs, divided amongst women's and men's sports, to become a full participant in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Big East Commissioner responded to Louisville's acceptance of the ACC's offer in saying, "We enjoyed having Louisville in the Big East Conference and we wish them well."

Having few words for Louisville, Aresco turned his spotlight toward the future of the conference. "The Big East has anticipated the continuing realignment that is reshaping college athletics and has already made important additions as part of our vision for the future," expressed Aresco. "We will continue moving forward to fulfill that vision, which includes a strong national football conference and a strong and storied basketball conference. Big East teams will continue to compete and succeed at the highest level and, as always, will combine athletic and academic excellence. With schools stretching from coast to coast and in many of the top U.S. media markets, the Big East has become a truly national conference with outstanding young men and women competing across a full range of sports."

Aresco concluded with the statement, "We are committed to a vibrant and dynamic future for the Big East Conference."

With what started with West Virginia University, the Big East will eventually lose Syracuse University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Notre Dame, Rutgers University, and now the University of Louisville.

Coming in to fill those six vacancies and then some are the University of Central Florida, the University of Houston, the University of Memphis, Southern Methodist University, and Tulane University as full members and Boise State University, San Diego State University, and East Carolina University as football-only members.

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