Ogundeko Discusses Meeting with Anselmo

It's been a busy week for the Syracuse staff as they have hit the recruiting trail hard with the week off from game planning. Assistant coach John Anselmo visited the Orange's top target on Wednesday. Ebenezer Ogundeko discussed the visit and more with CuseNation.com.

The top prospect on Syracuse's board is Ebenezer Ogundeko. The top player in New York, Ogundeko has been a coveted prospect for some time. During this week off, assistant coach John Anselmo took a trip down to New York City to visit the three-star defensive end. 

"Yeah Anselmo visited me today," Ogundeko explained. "He spoke to my mom for quite a long time. He was trying to convince her that I should come to Syracuse and stuff like that. She likes Syracuse, but she wants me to make the decision for myself.

"We talked about the dudes from NYC at Syracuse and stuff. That they could be there with me. That was about it. He was there from like two to four because then I had to go to a workout."

In addition to Anselmo trying to sell Syracuse to Ogundeko and his family, they also talked about his official visit coming up. He is traveling with some of his high school friends, as well as family. 

"Yeah we talked about my official next weekend," Ogundeko stated. "My mom is coming up with me. Augustus Edwards is coming up with his family. Laray Smith is coming with his family. And Kendall Thomas from my school, he's coming up also."

After his recent visit to Clemson, the Brooklyn (NY) product said Florida and Clemson were his top two schools. That remains the same, but Syracuse is still in the mix. The Orange have a big chance to make an impression on the prized prospect. It will be the last impression anyone has a chance to make before he decided. 

"Yes, Florida and Clemson are still on top," Ogundeko offered. "Syracuse just has to show me what they have to offer next weekend. I'm looking forward to the visit a lot. I want to see what they can offer me and things like that. That's about it."

One of the attractive things about Syracuse is their New York City connection. Current players like Wayne Morgan, Brandon Reddish, and a bunch of others on the Orange roster are New York guys. Current commit Augustus Edwards is a very close friend of Ogundeko's. 

Those connections will be an important factor for Syracuse. But they should not count on only that to entice Thomas Jefferson High product to choose them. Ogundeko is looking for the best overall fit.

"It would be pretty great to play with those guys," he said. "But overall it doesn't really matter because I have to make my own legacy wherever I go. Whether it's at Syracuse, Florida, or Clemson, I'm just ready to be great."

Coach Anselmo has been recruiting Ogundeko for a long time. Over that time, they have developed a very good relationship. That bond could help the Orange.

"He's a really great guy," Ogundeko described. "He's just a great guy. He's a great coach. Just as a person, he's a really great person. He really likes his team."

Getting back on the winning track is also big for Syracuse. It helps show recruits that they are headed in the right direction. Ogundeko has taken notice.

"It would be pretty good," he said. "It's definitely good. They had a good season. They get to play in a bowl so it's been cool seeing how they keep playing and getting better."

Syracuse's top target will be taking his official visit the weekend of December 7th.

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