Williams, Anselmo Talk 'Swaggercuse"

Wayne Williams received a visit from Syracuse assistant John Anselmo on Wednesday. Williams, a three-star JUCO defensive tackle, spoke to CuseNation.com about the visit, his upcoming official, and his time at ASA.

Wayne Williams is one of the most outspoken recruits in Syracuse's 2013 class. He talks up the Orange's New York City connection any chance he gets. Assistant coach John Anselmo visited him on Wednesday to see how things have been going with the three-star defensive tackle.

"I saw coach Anselmo today," Williams explained. "We just talked about my visit mostly. I'm heading up there Friday and I'm looking forward to having a great time. We also talked about distractions being from Brooklyn. There's not a lot of good floating around.

"He wants to make sure the little bit that is good, I'm staying with it."

Williams also has his official visit coming up this weekend. Coach Anselmo knows the impact he can have on and off the field.

"He said I'm going to have a big presence when I reach Syracuse," Williams recalled. "So he wants me to stay humble and don't portray myself as something I don't want to be looked at. So pants up, gold teeth out! 

"He told me to still be Wayne and bring my Brooklyn swagger. This is my new home and first impressions are everything."

One of the aspects of the visit he's looking forward to the most is getting reconnected with his New York City friends. Williams can't wait to spend the weekend hanging out with them.

"I think I'm staying in the hotel," he said. "I can't wait to see my Spanish brother Ivan Foy. I know he misses his big bro. I taught him the ropes. Also can't wait to hang out with my other brothers Brandon Reddish, Wayne Morgan, Davon Walls, Terrel Hunt, Ryan Sloan, and Steve Rene."

Anselmo continues to urge Williams to work on his conditioning. If he does, he could have a big impact on the Syracuse defensive line immediately. That's his goal for next season.

"I need to work on my conditioning," Williams offered. "He knows how I am since my high school days. Staying in shape is key. JUCO kids don't come in to ride the bench. I'm coming to get in the mix and to start. That's every player's top goal."

While on the trip, Williams will be joined by some prospects that have not made their decision. He is going to help talk up the Orange, but believes Syracuse will speak for itself.

"Why not?" Williams admitted. "I'm here to help any way possible. But I shouldn't have to do much to show swaggercuse is a good look. Like we say in Brooklyn, 'you either roll with a boss or get lost in the sauce.'"

But his trip is not all pleasure. Williams and his ASA teammates will be playing in the Carrier Dome Bowl on Saturday. He is looking forward to the game, despite not playing due to redshirting this season.

"I just want to watch some good football," Williams said. "I wish my Lincoln brother the best of luck. I know he wants to win bad and the kids at ASA work hard despite the little and poor resources that we have. So a win will hopefully help the program."

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