Zach Allen Hosts Future Offensive Coordinator

Zach Allen has been one of the most hyped prospects in Syracuse's 2013 class. He's also one of the Orange's most dedicated verbals. Allen recently had Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett pay him a visit on Wednesday. spoke with Allen about the meeting and his upcoming official visit.

Nathaniel Hackett already visited Austin Wilson and Tyler Provo. Now it was on to his third prized recruit, Temple (TX) High quarterback Zach Allen. Despite the buzz Allen has received since his appearance at the Elite 11 camp, he has remain devoted to Syracuse. Hackett spent time with the talented signal caller on Wednesday.

"He did come visit," Allen said. "It was nice. He came down probably around one o'clock. I got out of class and hung out with him and my coach. We talked some football for a lot of the day. Then my parents and I took him out to eat. We all talked. It was nice.

"We talked about everything. We talked about my injury and how my treatment is still going. We talked about injuries and the depth chart. We talked about it all. We had a really good conversation. It was just nice meeting with him. My mom finally got to meet him. She was real excited. I just really enjoyed being around coach Hackett and why I wanted to go there so bad."

One advantage Allen will have is being able to spend the entire spring semester learning the offense. It's something he and Hackett have spoken about extensively.

"We've talked about me coming early a lot," Allen explained. "Ever since I told him I was going to enroll early, we've been talking about it. Of course he's very positive about it. It can't hurt even if I go down there and do bad. 

"Everything's really looking up with me going in early. It'll give me a little advantage over Austin Wilson. When he does come in it'll be a great competition between us two. But going in and getting an extra semester, and playing in spring ball, it's going to be an advantage. There's no doubt about that."

Towards the end of his senior season, Allen suffered an injury to his shoulder. He has been rehabbing and believes it is almost fully healed. He should be ready to go when he arrives on campus.

"My injury is recovering very well," Allen indicated. "A couple more weeks and I should be one hundred percent. It's been nice having some time not getting hit. I just have to give it some time to relax. I'm thankful I didn't have to have surgery or anything. It's just something where I had to give it some time. But everything's working out right."

The weekend of December 7th, Allen will be one of several prospects on the Syracuse campus for an official visit. While he is excited to see the campus and spend time with his future teammates, Allen also believes he has a job to do. He will be helping the Orange recruit those prospects that are still in the decision making process.

"I will be," Allen announced. "I'm going to be talking up Syracuse as much as I can. I'm going to try to get the guys there. The guys obviously have interest if they're going to visit. It should be pretty easy, especially when they see the facilities. 

"They're going to be extremely excited, just like I am with the coaches and everything. It should be a lot of fun going up there and spending time with the recruits."

The Orange finished the season strong. Allen, who had been following Syracuse all season, certainly took notice. Not only is it good for the current players, but he believes it will help with recruiting as well.

"It's huge to have a season like this," Allen declared. "To have a great performance this year compared to last year, it not only helps the players and coaches that are there, but it helps with the recruiting coming in. You're more likely to get players to want to go there when you're successful than when you aren't successful. So it helps on all levels.

"Obviously everyone's hoping they win their bowl game. Everyone thinks they will. Whether it's the Pinstripe Bowl or Russell Athletics Bowl. Whatever bowl they go to, it's going to be a lot of fun and people are going to go watch it."

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