Wayne Williams Discusses Official Visit

Wayne Williams was in town this weekend for two reasons. His ASA squad was playing in the Carrier Dome Bowl, and he was taking his official visit to Syracuse. Williams spoke with CuseNation.com about how the visit went.

Wayne Williams is one of the most outspoken commits Syracuse has in its 2013 class. He spent his weekend watching his ASA squad in the inaugural Carrier Dome Bowl, and taking his official visit at Syracuse.

"It was awesome," Williams announced. I had a blast. I chilled with all the PSAL brothers. It felt like how high school days went. We just kicked back, partied, and had a good time soaking in the SU college life."

It meant a lot to Williams to be able to spend time with some of his best friends from the New York City area. It made him even more excited to come play for the Orange.

"They were thrashing me most of the time for taking so long to get here and having to take the JUCO route," Williams recalled. "But they know I'll be a big impact. It's a good feeling hearing stories passed around about how good I am to other SU players. They all welcomed me with open arms.

"I felt like I have been there since my freshman year."

The Brooklyn (NY) product also spoke with some of the other junior college prospects who have not made a decision yet. He believes they were very impressed with what Syracuse has to offer.

"We had a few boys from Cali," Williams said. "It wasn't a warm day at all in Syracuse. But after talking to them, they told me Syracuse was way more than they expected."

Williams is expecting to have a big impact when he arrive on campus. The visit only enhanced those goals and heightened his excitement of playing for the Orange.

"It boosted it higher than I ever thought," Williams declared. "This wasn't a regular visit for me. It was a business trip. I know what needs to be done when I reach here and I want to hit the floor running. It's always a good feeling to make people happy.

"I want to make the SU coaching staff happy for sticking with me through tough times when nobody else would."

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