Allen Loves Visit to New Home

Zach Allen took in the Syracuse campus during his official visit. He also spent time recruiting for the Orange during the trip as well. Allen spoke to about the trip and his recruiting efforts.

Zach Allen has been the most high profile commit for Syracuse in their 2013 class, gaining a lot of buzz after competing in the Elite 11 camp. The Temple (TX) product has remained loyal to Syracuse despite committing without having seen the campus in person. 

Allen got the opportunity to do just that during his official visit, where he was able to take in everything that Syracuse University has to offer. 

"It was a blast," Allen recalled. "It was a lot of fun. Not just being at Syracuse but being with a lot of my future teammates and guys that are going to come in with me. It was great to finally be able to meet some of those guys. I've been able to talk to a lot of those guys on the phone, but it's not the same as being in person. 

"It was nice to be able to hang out with the coaches again and get to know the coaches better. I got to hang out with the players that are already there. It was a lot of fun. It was a great experience for everyone, not just the recruits."

While on the trip, Allen spent time with current players as well as other prospects on the visit. He said the players that hosted the recruits made sure they were enjoying themselves.

"My host was Ben Lewis," Allen explained. "He's a freshman receiver. It was fun. He took real good care of me. He really helped me make my night fun. I thought all the hosts did a really good job of making sure we all had a really good time. I think everyone did.

"I think we owe a lot of thanks to those guys for taking care of us, looking out for us, and showing us a good time."

There were several parts of the visit that Allen enjoyed. One of the best parts, he said, was the food. According to the talented quarterback, the recruits ate like kings.

"My favorite part would probably  have to be all of the food," Allen admitted. "It was tons of food ever since I got there. It was great. I have fun in saying that, but we did have a lot of food. 

"As I said earlier, it was nice to be able to see all the guys. I got to talk to Austin Wilson in person. Obviously there's going to be a competition going on between us. But it was nice to just have common ground and we're just going in there to play football and help each other. So it was neat to talk to him."

The recruits also took in Syracuse's blowout win over Monmouth at the Carrier Dome on Saturday. That experience meant a lot to Allen, and showed him the potential the football program has.

"It was a lot of fun," he described. "Obviously they're a great team. It just shows that this program can be successful. Being highly ranked, now we just have to get it in football terms. It was neat being able to see those guys and go to a Syracuse basketball game. The fans were really into it and it was neat to see that."

The basketball game wasn't the only thing the fans were into. Apparently, some fans recognized Allen and made a point to come talk to him. That interaction was one of the biggest things he will take away from the trip.

"Funny enough, I did have a couple people that did recognize me," Allen announced. "They came and talked to me. That was neat. It makes you feel good about yourself that people are actually really excited to have you come play there. So that was really cool."

Allen is about a month away from starting his Syracuse career as a January enrollee. While he was already excited to arrive on the hill, the visit increased that excitement level exponentially. 

"It's huge," Allen declared. "I was so excited before I came on this visit, but I'm so much more excited now. It gave me a taste of the college life. Preparing to play college football, that was huge. To see that and then having to go back to high school, it makes me want to be down there in college even more. 

"I can't wait to get to Syracuse to start my new career and open up a new chapter in the book. I feel like I'm ready, and I'm excited to get things started."

As promised, Allen helped do some recruiting for Syracuse while he was on the trip. He believes the experience they had along with conversations he had is going to help bring in some talent.

"I talked to all of them," Allen said of the other visiting recruits. "I talked to all of them a lot. Most of the time we didn't really talk football. We just talked about how everyone has been doing. We got to know each other really well. 

"A couple guys did tell me that they are going to commit at the end of the week. So that's huge. To be that successful on the recruiting trip, not only just for me but for Syracuse University. I wanted to go down there and convince guys to try and come here. Hearing guys say they want to come here and enjoyed hanging out with me is huge."

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