'Cuse Official has Big Impression on Ogundeko

The most high profile prospect left on Syracuse's board is the top player in New York State, Ebenezer Ogundeko. The three-star defensive end took his official visit to upstate New York this past weekend, and the visit left a big impression that has impacted his recruitment. He spoke about that with CuseNation.com.

This was Syracuse's last chance to make an impression on Ebenezer Ogundeko. The top player in New York had previously stated that Florida and Clemson were his top two. But a great visit could have changed things.

"It was pretty good," Ogundeko recalled. "I had a good time. It was probably my best official visit. I got to hang out with the players. I went to see my favorite rapper, French Montana. We watched the basketball players play. Watching highlight plays where they were dunking all over the place and things like that.

"Just hanging out with the players. I spoke to the coaches. And I got to spend time with my boys Augustus Edwards and Laray Smith."

Like all prospects on the trip, Ogundeko was hosted by a current Syracuse player. Hanging out with him was one of the parts of the trip he will remember the most.

"Terrel Hunt was my host," the three-star prospect explained. "It was pretty cool. We had a lot in common and stuff. It was pretty good. It's cool hanging out with my New York City guys. Hunt showed me a good time."

Another part of the trip that Ogundeko enjoyed was speaking with the coaches. He got a chance to spend some time with Doug Marrone one on one. That time meant a lot to the Brooklyn (NY) product.

"Yeah I talked to him one on one," Ogundeko admitted. "It was a good talk. It was real cool. It wasn't forceful we were just talking about me and him saying I am the one that needs to make the decision. He was just keeping it real with me and stuff.

"They want me to come there but aren't trying to force me to come there. They want me to make the best decision for me."

The food was something that each prospect spoke about during the visit. Ogundeko even tweeted about it while on campus and said Syracuse took care of them with some great meals.

"I ate a lot," he said. "I think I gained about two pounds. I'm not really sure what my favorite meal was. It was all good. We just ate a lot."

Being one of eleven prospects on campus, Ogundeko had the chance to interact with many of them. Those conversations opened his eyes even more about what Syracuse has to offer.

"I forgot their names," Ogundeko remarked. "I think it was Zach Allen and maybe (Austin) Wilson. But they were convincing me and stuff like that. Me and Laray. Zach was pretty cool. He was convincing me also. That made an impression."

Coming into the trip, many believed it was a two team race between Clemson and Florida for the services of the talented defensive end. However, the visit to Syracuse has allowed the Orange to get back in the race.

"Syracuse is back in it," Ogundeko declared. "The whole campus made a pretty good impression. No one stands out right now. I have all three (Syracuse, Florida, Clemson) all together. Clemson's still my leader but no team has any leeway or anything like that. I'll just make my decision at the Under Armour game."

The Under Armour game is scheduled for January 5th, with four practice sessions starting January 1st.

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