Carter 'pumped up' after Official Visit

Devan Carter took the short drive down the New York State thruway to take his official visit on the Syracuse campus over the weekend. He had a greattime, and spoke about all the details with, including what Ebenezer Ogundeko told him about the trip.

Syracuse commit Devan Carter took his official visit over the weekend and had a great time. He was able to see the campus, hang out with future teammates, and talk to other recruits. It was an experience that reinforced his commitment.

"First when we got there on Friday, we ate," Carter recalled. "We talked to the coaches and chilled at the hotel. Then we went out to dinner. Then we went to French Montana, a rapper, his concert. The next day, we went on tours of facilities. I saw the business school.

"After that we went to the basketball game and met Jim Boeheim. After the basketball game we went back to the hotel and chilled. After that on Sunday we went and had breakfast. Then I talked to Doug Marrone and all the coaches. We also watched them practice on Saturday."

The conversations with the coaches was important to Carter. It gave him more insight into what to expect when he arrives on campus, as well as the plan for him within the defensive scheme.

"Coach Marrone just told me about how it's going to be in college," Carter explained. "How I fit into the system and their plan for me in the defense and the program. They want to see where I fit in and what kind of skills I have. That way they can tell if they want to redshirt me or not. 

"They also talked to me about how to deal with being homesick and things like that. How to handle friends that want to come see and stuff. How to deal with all that. They're really cool guys."

Carter was hosted by Eric Crume during his trip. They got along well, and he enjoyed spending time with the players and other recruits.

"I was hosted by Eric Crume," Carter said. "He's a real cool guy. I also chilled with Terrel Hunt a lot. I hung out with a lot of recruits as well. Zach Allen, Ebenezer Ogundeko, Augustus Edwards, and Laray Smith were the ones I chilled with the most.

"They were all pretty laid back and chill. They all liked the trip. I know Laray liked the trip. Ebenezer liked the players and the recruits. He said they were the most real people he's seen on any of his recruiting trips."

The visit amped up Carter's excitement level for his Syracuse career. For the two-star prospect, that time can't come fast enough.

"It just makes me more pumped," Carter admitted. "I just can't wait to play and practice. My coach is so awesome. I just can't wait."

Carter added that he is completely over his injury and is back to being healthy.  

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