Ramar Dennis Discusses Top 4

Ramar Dennis has trimmed his list to four schools as he eyes official visits in the near future. He spoke about why each school made the cut, where he plans to visit, and his time frame for a decision with CuseNation.com.

Now that his season is over, two star Florida DE/LB Ramar Dennis is focusing on his recruitment. He is down to four schools as he looks towards taking visits.

Dennis' final four are Syracuse, Illinois, South Alabama, and Florida Atlantic.

"I think it's time," he explained. "Not time to commit anywhere, but I'm looking to start planning visits so I was ready to look at things. They were my top schools anyway so I mine as well put it out there."

The two-star prospect has specific reasons why he chose each school on his list. A common theme was the relationship with the coaching staffs.

"I like that Syracuse is moving to the ACC," Dennis admitted. "That's big because it's a higher conference. It'd give me a chance to play in Florida like when we play teams like Florida State. I also really like the coaching staff.

"The guy that's recruiting me is coach Steve Morrison. He's the linebackers coach. I have a really good relationship with him. There's a lot of things about them I like. But the conference affiliation and the relationship I'm building with who could be my future coach is big."

Another major conference team on his list is Illinois. He likes them for some of the same reasons he likes the Orange.

"Illinois plays in a big conference," Dennis remarked. "They play big games week in and week out. I like the coaching staff. They're nice. They stay in constant contact. I like their conference affiliation."

A little closer to home is South Alabama, who has been recruiting the Olympia High product very hard.

"They were actually the second offer I received," Dennis recalled. "That means a lot. Even after they offered they've been on me. They're in constant contact with my coach. They're talking to me every week whether a it's to my coach or Facebook or whatever.

"Their coaches have called me and come down to some of my games. They have a player from my high school that they recruited last year so try are trying to build a pipeline. Their d-line coach is actually one of the ones recruiting me and the linebacker coach is recruiting me also."

Last but certainly not least is local school Florida Atlantic. They have an advantage in proximity, and are going hard after the Orlando (FL) native.

"I like them because they're close to home in the state of Florida," Dennis admitted. "It's like an hour drive from Orlando, maybe two. So it's not that far. The thing I don't like about them is that the coach that's recruiting me left to go to NIU.

"That kind of naked things interesting. I can't say I have that relationship. I mean I've talked to other coaches but the main guy that's recruiting me was the d-line coach and he's gone. But I like their location and they're moving up a conference to Conference USA. I don't know who they're going to bring in or if they're going to recruit me as a linebacker now. We'll have to see."

As of now, there are no visits scheduled with firm dates. However, Dennis already has an idea regarding which schools he wants to see in person.

"My head coach is setting up all my visits," he said. "I told him which schools I'd like to visit so he's going to set that up and I'll talk to him to find out when they are.

"I'm looking to visit South Alabama, Florida Atlantic, Syracuse and that's probably it. I might go to Illinois but I know those first three for sure."

Dennis has no time frame on when he wants to make his decision. He says he is going to wait until the feeling is right. Dennis is comfortable waiting until after signing day if he is not comfortable with a decision by that point.

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