Isaiah Johnson Still Committed to Orange

Recruit's reactions is coming in fast and furious for Syracuse as Doug Marrone has left to pursue an NFL head coaching career in Buffalo. Isaiah Johnson spoke to about his reaction and his thoughts on a potential new coach.

News broke Sunday morning that Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone was leaving the program to become the Buffalo Bills' next head coach. Recruits have had varying reaction, and commit Isaiah Johnson gave his thoughts as well.

"I don't really have a reaction," Johnson explained. "I honestly just wish him the best of luck. I think God has a plan for him after all of this. I guess he just made the best decision himself."

The curiosity among fans when a coach leaves is how will that impact the commitment status of the current class. The 2-star defensive lineman says he remains committed to the Orange.

"One person doesn't make a team," Johnson described. "I feel a lot of love whenever I'm around the team. Even the other coaches like (Tim) Daoust and (Donnie) Henderson and all those guys. Those guys show me some love. So it's not just Marrone. Yeah he was a major part in the recruiting process, but I can't just not want to go to Syracuse just because of Marrone."

The decision the Syracuse athletic department will have to make is to stay inside the program or look outside for a new coach. Johnson hopes they keep continuity with that decision.

"I think they should stay inside," Johnson admitted. "I think they should keep everybody in tact because we had a great second half of the season. Everybody from the team to the staff really grew. And I don't think we should break that up right now or really ever. I know things are going to happen. It's the NCAA. But to break up something that's new and building, I wouldn't do that. 

"If they go with someone new, it's not going to have any experience with each other and click right away. I think with the guys we have now, and what we're going to have, I think it's going to click. Going outside would impact things, but I don't think it would change anything because I'm really committed. I don't think it would change it. If they did, it would be good for them. I'm just going to focus on the positive things. I'm not thinking negative. Just positive outcomes and that's just how it goes."

The talented defensive lineman will keep focusing on the positive as the coaching search progresses. Whoever the new coach is, he hopes the Orange don't break up what they've started to build.

"With somebody new, there's going to be change," Johnson said. "I don't mind change. But I don't think it's right that a new coach would come in and change up the whole philosophy. I'm a 4-3 kind of guy and if he says he wants to run 3-4 that's not going to float in my boat.

"I don't think they would do that, but I'm just using that as an example. The new coach, whoever he is, I just hope everything goes well."

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