Shafer Hire Should Stabilize Recruiting

Scott Shafer is the new head man at Syracuse. While fans are happy about the consistency with the schemes, they should also be happy about how it impacts recruiting. Details inside.

Whenever a head coach leaves, there is a concern with how it will impact recruiting. With Syracuse, that concern could be alleviated in some respects as they promoted from within.

Defensive coordinator Scott Shafer is the new head coach for the Orange, with Nathaniel Hackett staying on as offensive coordinator. Not only is that good news for stabilizing the schemes, but it should have a positive impact on recruiting as well.

Many of the current class were waiting to see what direction the program went with their new coach. There was a thought that some could decommit from Syracuse and look elsewhere. Augustus Edwards and Devan Carter are already taking official visits elsewhere.

Keeping the majority of the staff in tact will only help limit those defections. Throughout the process, Zach Allen and Austin Wilson both expressed their hope that the new coach would be someone who was on the current staff. Malik Brown tweeted similar thoughts. Though Brown will still take visits elsewhere, the hire of Shafer should go a long way in keeping the two-star Floridian.

They got their wish, and that is great news for Syracuse's 2013 class. Allen and Wilson should both be on board with this hire. Given that Hackett was their primary recruiter, keeping him on the staff is vital as well.

It should also allow them to go back to Edwards and Carter in order to show them that nothing has changed. Syracuse will focus a lot of energy on retaining these talented in-state products. Shafer stabilizes that issue and gives the Orange the best chance to retain their services.

After the news of Marrone's departure broke, the commits expressed a desire to keep the rest of the staff with the Orange. Promoting Shafer and keeping Hackett will ease the fears of thsoe prospects.

Now the staff will focus on adding more talent. JUCO prospects Dionte Savage, Jaylen Hunter, and Duron Singleton are still scheduled to take officials the weekend of January 18th.

Laray Smith is the other big fish out there. He appeared ready to announce for Syracuse last Friday, but postponed the decision due to the Marrone rumors. Keeping the staff consistent should help ease some of his concerns, but the Orange will have work to do in order to grab the speedy back.

From a recruiting perspective, limiting defections is important. The hire of Scott Shafer should do just that.

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