Tyler Ennis Continuing to Develop

Syracuse's future point guard has been working hard on his game at St. Benedict's. He spoke to CuseNation.com about how the season is going, his thoughts on the 2012-13 Orange, and more.

The biggest name of Syracuse's 2013 class is 5-star point guard Tyler Ennis. His high school season is in full swing as he continues to develop his game.

"The season is going well so far," Ennis said. "We're 11-0. We've had a couple blowouts but my team is playing well so far. We've got a lot of talent. Playing together is something we're all focused on. When we do that, I think we are tough to beat. 

"Personally, I've been playing well. I'm averaging 19 (points) and 8 (assists) right now. I've been focusing on leadership. I'm naturally a leader, but just being more vocal. My physicality. Finishing strong around the net. At the next level, I'll be going against the top shot blockers in the country. So I've got to keep getting better at that."

On his team is 2015 guard Isaiah Briscoe. Briscoe is a Syracuse target who Ennis is mentoring at St. Benedict's in New Jersey. Despite their strong relationship, he does not pressure his young protege. 

"It's been great being able to watch one of the top players in the country go from a freshman to his sophomore year," Ennis explained. "He's progressing both offensively and defensively. Being able to mentor him and teach him the things that I wasn't taught at St. Benedict's. I was the only point guard there and didn't really have a mentor. Not really guiding him but just teaching him  things to work on for the next year and the year after.

"We talk about recruiting some because his interests are pretty much very similar to mine coming up as a sophomore. Syracuse, Arizona, all those schools. I don't put any pressure on him or anything. I answer his questions on how schools are and how everything is. But he's only a sophomore. As a sophomore I didn't know for sure I was going to end up at Syracuse. So he has a lot of time left."

Despite being the biggest name in his class, Ennis is excited about the other players coming to Syracuse. He believes they have the makings of something special.

"I think we have a great class," Ennis admitted. "I think we have all of the pieces to replace what we'll be missing when players leave next year from this year's team. We'll have a very young team but I think if we grow and mature as the season goes on, we can be really good."

Ennis' St. Benedict's squad is off to a good start this season. His future squad has also started fast. Ennis is encouraged by what he has seen so far.

"I watch them quite a bit," the 5-star point guard said. "I haven't watched every game, but I've watched them enough to know how they play and all that. I think they're doing really well. I think everybody just knows their role. Michael Carter-Williams is the distributor, Brandon Triche is the scorer, and James Southerland is coming off the bench as a spark. Everyone's pretty much good with their role. 

"I think that's why we've been successful. We have all the pieces. We have the shooters, the rebounders, the big men. So if they keep playing hard they'll go far in the tournament."

Michael Carter-Williams is the current point guard for the Orange. Watching his progression over his young career has given the talented floor general reason to be excited about his collegiate career.

"It makes me real excited," Ennis remarked. "Just because I can see the progression. I watched him practice when he was a freshman, and now watching him play as a sophomore, there's such a big difference. Whether it's him working hard in the weight room or watching film, I know the whole coaching staff had a big hand in that. 

"Being able to go into a school where I know they develop their players and have a chance to get national recognition is great."

With his letter of intent signed, Ennis' recruitment is over. That doesn't mean, however, that the Syracuse staff does not keep in touch with their future leader.

"I talk to coach Red (Adrian Autry) the most," Ennis claimed. "I talk to coach G-Mac (Gerry McNamara), coach Hop (Mike Hopkins, and even coach (Jim Boeheim) on the phone every so often. They watched my practice this past week. I know they have a season and are keeping busy with the season being one of the top teams in the country. But they never forget about the recruits. 

"They keep in touch with everyone in the class and even Chris McCullough in the next class. So it's great."

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