Allen on Board

Zach Allen has been one of the more solid recruits to Syracuse in the class of 2013, but the last week has challenged him in all areas. He opens up inside...

Zach Allen has been a hot name in the Syracuse community for some time since committing to the Orange over the summer. He has been known as a dual-threat talent from Temple (Tex.), even helping the Orange recruit for the rest of the class of 2013.

However, since Doug Marrone has accepted the head coaching job with the Buffalo Bills, Allen began to wonder.

"When it first talked to Coach Marrone, he didn't know what he was going to do at the time," he said. "I was prepared a little bit for it. I just had to take a step back and relax to let everything to settle down."

But soon after, when offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was rumored to follow Marrone to Western New York, things changed a bit. Hackett since confirmed the news of his move to Allen.

Allen was most excited about Hackett's offense at SU.

"With coach Hackett leaving, it was a big blow," he said. "He was the main reason why I committed. They said they (SU) were looking at two guys. They run the same style offense and pace as coach Hackett.

"Hackett confirmed it, and said both guys are great minds and that I would love being coached by those guys."

But through it all, the biggest news with the Orange is Scott Shafer. He's the new head man, and the move was a pleasant one for Allen.

"That was the guy I was hoping they would hire," he admitted. "I wanted someone from within the staff. You do commit to a school, but it's because of the coaches. I really like the coaching staff.

"I feel comfortable with Syracuse University."

Allen plans on enrolling soon at SU, discounting rumors that he was entertaining offers from other schools. It's not for a lack of the Big 12 trying.

"It was recently Oklahoma State and TCU," he said, adding that each offered. "They wanted to keep a local guy close instead of me going to New York.

"I told them I was extremely happy with Syracuse University. I was loyal to my commitment."

Once Allen enrolls, it will be his effective letter of intent to play for the Orange. He never actually signed the formal document, despite reports.

Said Allen, "No sir, for early-enrollment there's no letter of intent - it's your first class. For me, it will be the 14th. It acts as my letter of intent. I signed to accept my scholarship, but officially there's no letter of intent."

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