Austin Wilson Discusses Status

Amidst all of the coaching changes, the Syracuse verbal commit offers his thoughts and feelings as we move closer to signing day with inside.

With the departure of former Syracuse Orange football head coach Doug Marrone, followed by former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, the team has already lost out on previous verbal commit Zach Allen.

Austin Wilson now stands as Syracuse's lone remaining verbal commit at quarterback.

He, too, has been affected by Marrone and Hackett's decisions to leave for the NFL's Buffalo Bills.

"It happened so quick and so late in the game kinda, with signing day in a couple weeks," said Wilson. "So, I don't know. I guess it's just tough. It's a tough situation to be in right now. I didn't expect to be in this situation at all."

Allen has decided to stay in Texas and attend Texas Christian University (TCU) for the upcoming season. Many have taken to social media and other avenues to respond. Wilson has responded as well. "Pertaining to Zach [Allen] leaving, don't hold anything against him," Wilson stated. "I mean it was the best move for him. Well he thought it was the best move for him and I'd support whatever he does."

"As for me, I'm still committed to Syracuse," Wilson shared. "But with everything, how crazy it is right now, there was obviously a bunch of teams calling me and stuff, asking me to come on visits and stuff like that. But, as of now, right now I'm still 100% with Syracuse."

"I mean I was thinking about taking some official visits just to, you know if I don't get the right fit with the quarterback job just because how close this is to signing day," Wilson added. "I don't wanna be rushing into it and just feeling like I have to do something. I wanna make sure that I have the right fit for myself and I'm still 100% committed to Syracuse. I feel like that's where I'm gonna end up going."

He addressed why he is considering taking official visits elsewhere if he is committed to Syracuse. "[To] expand a little bit and see what other people have to offer a little bit," said Wilson.

As far as what schools could potentially become players, Wilson stated, "Right now, I'm really not supposed to say anything. Sorry about that. I'm not supposed to say any of the school's names."

Hackett's departure, along with Marrone, has definitely played a role in Wilson's current decision-making. "We talked at least once a week...every week since I committed back in May," Wilson shared. "I'd say him (Nathaniel Hackett) and coach [Doug] Marrone together were probably about 60% of the reason I chose Syracuse and that was just a big, big part of my decision. I got along really well with both of them, especially coach Hackett with him being young and he's up tempo. He's just a fun guy to be around all the time and he's also a great coach...that was a big loss for me because we had a good relationship."

With Hackett and Marrone being 60% of the reason, Wilson discussed what the other 40% consisted of. "Just from when I went on my official [visit], I meshed with the guys on the team well, I think. You know, I can see myself hanging out with them for the next four or five years." Wilson also added in, "The program and the direction it's heading and also the name of the school and how prestigious of a school it is."

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