Williams still SU 'All the way'

The second 2103 football prospect to give a verbal pledge to Syracuse back in May, Wayne Williams has been as 'gung-ho' about his future at SU as any recruit. With strong ties to one coach, nothing has changed despite the current instability on the staff.

Wayne Williams coined the phrase "Swaggercuse" for all the recruitniks that have followed his story from Lincoln High in Brooklyn (N.Y.) to his current days at ASA College in the same borough, all before he heads to Syracuse in May.

From the time he committed, when there was just one other pledge in the entire class on board (Tyler Provo), Williams has been all about the 'Cuse. And, as some would imagine, it's still more of the same even with Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett departed from the 2012 staff at this point - with the possibility of more.

"I let the coaches know everything was all good and I'm still Syracuse all the way," he said Monday in response to a question about coaches reaching out to him during the transition.

Williams more than approves the hire of Scott Shafer as the next coach, as well.

"It's the same thing it meant when Marrone was there, as long as someone I know and trust with my future was at the head coaching position, I would have no problem," he said after the hire. "Congrats on the new role!"

But for most New York City prospects on the current or future Orange roster, Williams' biggest worry has surrounded John Anselmo, who recruits the area in addition to his defensive assistant duties.

"Coach Anselmo is sick, so I hope he gets better quick," he said.

Despite the ailment, the coach has stayed on target with Williams, reassuring the 6-foot-6, 335-pounder that he is staying put.

"Of course," said Williams with a laugh. "I need him...I have a better relationship with him than I do some of my high school friends!"

So while Shafer searches for an offensive coordinator and assistants may fluctuate, it appears as SU's biggest constant in New York City will stay put.

Williams is rated the No. 17 defensive tackle prospect from the junior college ranks' class of 2013 on FOXSportsNEXT/Scout.com.

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