Austin Wilson Discusses Status 2.0

Syracuse's lone verbal commit at quarterback for the 2013 class discusses the coaching changes' effect on him, what coaches he has been talking to, and more with inside.

Syracuse Orange football verbal commit, quarterback Austin Wilson, has already stated that he, at this time, is 100% committed to Syracuse.

But, he also admitted that he is considering taking official visits with other schools.

Wilson offered that former Orange head coach Doug Marrone along with former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett were 60% of the reason why he originally committed to Syracuse. He did not anticipate that either were going to leave.

"I was shocked to tell you the truth," said Wilson. "I didn't think it was gonna happen. I heard it was just rumored about coach [Doug] Marrone leaving. And then, he called me the one night after my basketball game and told me he was leaving the next day, so that kinda caught me off guard." "And then, coach [Nathaniel] Hackett was up in the air…and I honestly felt that he was gonna stay," Wilson continued. "I mean that was even more shocking when he called and told me he took the job. But, I mean I can't criticize him at all. I can't tell you anybody that wouldn't take that job, especially at his age (33). It was a great opportunity for him and I wish him the best."

Looking forward without Marrone and Hackett, Wilson sees the team's most recent success as a positive in his decision-making.

When asked if Syracuse winning the New Era Pinstripe Bowl has helped to keep him committed to the Orange, Wilson responded, "Yeah, definitely. I mean they're definitely heading in the right direction and I think they're on their way back up to the top."

With the news of fellow quarterback Zach Allen's decommittment, Wilson thought on whether or not that makes him more excited about coming to Syracuse now that there is one less person to go up against for the starting position. "I guess you could say that," Wilson stated. "But we were pretty close. We talked every week, after every one of our games, all that. We hung out on our official. I just talked to him [recently] a little bit about it."

"I guess in a way it makes me feel a little more relief," Wilson added, but expressed, "Anytime…there can be competition at that position."

New head coach Scott Shafer has personally reached out to Wilson during this crucial period leading up to signing day. "I talked to him on the phone a couple nights ago, and then I talked to him a few times as I was getting recruited when I was up there on visits."

As far as what the latest conversation pertained to, Wilson said, "[Shafer] just wanted to touch base and really just talk because we didn't talk much during the recruiting process because he was [focused] on defense." "He just said that he wanted me to stay patient and wait it out. And he thinks that the guys that he knows that he's looking at for the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks jobs I'm really gonna like and they're gonna fit my style."

In reference to the time frame in which the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks' coach will be chosen, Shafer reiterated for Wilson to be patient.

"He said a couple weeks maybe," Wilson remarked, concerning when Shafer said that the decision would be make on who will fill those two positions for the Orange.

Wilson later updated that the staff shared with him that the decision on a new offensive coordinator as well as a quarterbacks coach could come sooner than the two weeks.

All of the coaching changes have had an effect on the young quarterback. "I mean definitely there's a lot of uncertainty and I don't really know who's gonna come in, and if that's the right guy for me or if it's not," Wilson expressed. "But, I'm hoping it is and from what coach [Shafer] said that he's gonna be running the pro-style offense, high tempo. Try to keep it as close to coach Hackett's as possible…he'd like to keep it that way."

So, when the opportunity comes for Wilson to put his verbal commitment to Syracuse into writing, where is his confidence level that he will indeed join the Orange? "I really couldn't tell you that at this point."

But, Wilson did say that defensive line coach Tim Daoust's most recent visit did help him feel more comfortable with coming to Syracuse University.

A link to what Wilson previously had to say is provided for you HERE

The initial National Letter of Intent signing date is Wednesday, February 6th.

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