Rochester (NY) Hosts Young Talent

New Level Athletics put together an event to showcase some talent in Western New York and the surrounding area. was there, and several prospect stood out. Get to know some prospects you could be hearing about over the next few years.

Rochester (NY) was host to an event that showcased talent from Western New York and other regional prospects. had the opportunity to be there to see talent in future classes. The event featured drills for the linemen, as well as man vs man in the trenches. For the skill position athletes, 7-on-7 drills were featured. At the New Level National Showcase, several prospects stood out.

Class of 2013

Daron Roper: One of the prospects that stood out the most in the secondary, Roper possesses very strong ball skills combined with good closing speed. He certainly does not lack confidence and lets others know it. That confidence is backed up by strong play, good footwork in his backpedal, and strong football IQ. With the ball in the air, he was very impressive breaking up passes in one on one drills against receivers. Roper had academic issues and was under-recruited as a result. He will be attending Milford Academy, where a good year with improved academics should get him plenty of looks. Remember this name in the coming years.

Class of 2014

Noah Domingue: The Canadian offensive lineman was average in the drills, but the one on one was where he really stood out. He showed a mean streak that you love to see in lineman prospects. Dominigue dominated his man over and over again, driving them to the ground using technique, strength, and leverage. His footwork is very sound, and he is more agile than he looks. The 6-foot-2 prospect projects as interior offensive linemen, and could be a lower to mid-level division one prospect. He must improve his explosion out of his stance, and work on his conditioning going forward. There is upside here, however.

Joseph Foster: Out of Edison Tech in Rochester, Foster shows a lot of raw talent. He possesses a lot of strength and surprising quickness for his size. At 6-foot-4, 275 pounds, he can run by linemen when he takes the correct angle, and has a lot of explosion out of his stance. At this point, Foster's technique is very raw and needs work. When he stays low in his stance, he is very difficult to block. He has strong legs that allow him to drive through a blocker and get to the quarterback. But he is often too upright, making him easier to block. If Foster works on transforming his body to get rid of some baby fat and improves his technique, he appears to be a solid division one prospect.

Jordan Blocker: With a fitting name for an interior lineman, Blocker shows legit strength to pancake opponents. However, he gets into trouble when he keeps his legs stiff, and doesn't sit in his stance. His footwork is good, but could use a little work. There is legitimate talent there, and he shows flashes of being very good. But he must add muscle to his midsection, and improve his technique to become a division one prospect. Specifically, in his legs and footwork.

Class of 2015

Graydon Campbell: Maybe the most impressive prospect in the entire camp, Campbell was as dominant as a lineman can be in these types of events. He drove his man to the ground over and over again, showing technique, strength, and aggression. His footwork was very good for such a young prospect. Consistency in his technique will help Campbell go to the next level. Graydon should continue to develop his body, adding muscle and strength. With the continuing work to develop his skills, Campbell is a solid prospect who can contribute at the division one level.

Ryan MacPherson: Another impressive Canadian offensive lineman, MacPherson possessed a mean streak that allowed him to be dominant at times. While he still struggles with technique and footwork at times, he shows promise. Adding upper body strength, developing his footwork and hands will allow MacPherson to stand out in 2015.

Class of 2016

Daekwon Wilson: Only a freshman this past season, he showed flashes of being great at Rush-Henrietta High School. In the 7-on-7 drills, he stood out as a shifty, explosive back who can cause nightmares for opposing defenses. Wilson is quick, makes decisive and explosive cuts, and can make people miss in the open field. He has a nice spin move, can juke defenders, and showed the ability to be a playmaker. Wilson is a name to keep an eye on, and he has already drawn interest from Pittsburgh.

Isaiah Brown: Also a freshman, Brown stood out in the secondary of 7-on-7 drills. He had two interceptions and numerous deflections. Looking comfortable playing corner or safety, Brown has very good ball skills, quick feet, and solid closing speed. If Brown can continue to develop, add a little bit of size to his frame, he could be a very good prospect down the road.

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