Singleton Looking at Two after 'Cuse Visit

The Orange are looking to add talent and depth to their defensive backfield in the 2013 class. One prospect that could come in and contribute right away is JUCO safety Duron Singleton. He took his official visit to Syracuse this past weekend, and recapped it with

Duron Singleton loved his official visit to Missouri and put them on top after the trip. Syracuse had a lot of work to do if they were to stay in it for the talented JUCO safety. The Orange may have done just that.

"I thought everything was good," Singleton recalled. "My player host was Z (Zian Jones). My visit was real cool. I like it a lot. I loved the atmosphere. The campus was nice. They have a great education program. It's a real cool place to learn and play football. I love that they're going to the ACC. It's a great conference.

"It's a great place to learn. I loved everything about the program. So I'm excited. I'm real excited about Syracuse. They're definitely one of my favorites. I'm going to talk to my parents and see what they think about things and see what happens."

During the visit, Singleton got to spend time touring the facilities and spending time with the coaching staff. Those were two big highlights for the 6-foot-1 prospect.

"I talked to all of the coaches," Singleton explained. "The head coach (Scott Shafer), I loved coach. He's a real good guy. He's a defensive coach so I really love that about him. I talked to every coach. All the coaches are really cool. They're a really cool group of guys. They're smart. I love the types of things they're trying to accomplish.

"The facilities were great. The facilities were real nice. The weight room was nice and big. I loved the colors and everything. It was real big. I like the indoor facilities. Everything was real nice. I loved the dome. It's a real nice place to be. I'm excited about Syracuse."

While speaking with the staff, they were able to tell him why they think he will be a good fit at Syracuse. Those conversations impacted Singleton during the trip.

"They told me they really want me here," Singleton admitted. "They really like me. They like that I'm physical and play hard. They told me they're going to use me in all types of different ways. Like blitzing, covering, and all types of stuff. The way they said they're going to use me, I really like the schemes and stuff. I'm real excited about the way they're going to use me if I do decide to come here."

During an official visit, the impact of current players cannot be underestimated. They can speak to the program from a very relatable perspective. Singleton relied on their opinion to tell him more about Syracuse.

"I hung out with a lot of players," he said. "They told me it was a real cool place. They said the coaches look out for you. It's a real nice place to be. As Zian said and everyone else up there, it's a great place to be. I'm definitely excited about it."

Now that he has visited, he will start looking at which school he will choose to continue his football career. It will be a hard decision, as he really likes both Missouri and Syracuse. Singleton said he will decide between those two schools.

"I was going to make my decision sometime next week," he described. "I'm going to talk to my parents, see what they think and then see what happens. It's a tough decision because I like both schools. I'm definitely going to sit down and brain storm to see where I want to be for the next two years and better my career and education."

Singleton added it is possible he will take an official to Wisconsin next week, but is unsure about that at this time.

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