Cooper Discusses 'Cuse Commitment

A big official visit weekend yielded positive dividends as the Orange received commitments from two of the prospects Syracuse hosted. One of those was 3-star wide receiver Corey Cooper. He details why he chose the Orange inside.

Syracuse has had a big few days with prospects committing to the Orange. One such prospect was 3-star receiver Corey Cooper. The Raleigh (NC) wide receiver is excited about his future on the hill.

"I decided to commit now because I took my official visit there this weekend," Cooper explained. "I just loved it. I loved all the coaches and all the players. Especially coach (George) McDonald. That was a big plus because me and him have a great relationship ever since he was at Miami.

"And I get to be coached by Rob Moore, the receivers' coach, who was in the NFL for twelve years. So he knows what it takes to get to the next level. Coach Moore is just a great guy too."

The visit itself was a big factor in Cooper's decision. He loved everything he saw on campus. But the conversations he had with his player host may have been what put him over the edge.

"My host was Brandon Reddish," the 6-foot-0 receiver said. "He's the starting cornerback number four. He showed me a great time. He was talking to me at dinner on the official. We talked for like an hour to an hour and a half on Friday and Saturday at dinner. He was just telling me about Syracuse and how great of a place it was. He just said if I come here I'll have a great time.

"Then I saw the campus for the first time. It's a good-sized campus. It's not a big campus, but a good-sized campus. I just saw the campus and after talking to Brandon, I just knew."

Syracuse's new offensive coordinator, George McDonald, has a long relationship with Cooper. The two have developed a strong relationship, and that was a huge comfort for the Millbrook High product.

"It was a big factor," Cooper admitted. "With me and coach McDonald, we've known each other for years. I have a great relationship with him. Before he came to Syracuse he was at Arkansas at the wide receiver position. Now he took the Syracuse offensive coordinator job, so I'm just happy for him that he got the promotion.

"Me and my family are really happy for him that he got promoted. It really helped my family feel comfortable with Syracuse."

When the 3-star receiver knew the Orange were the choice for him, he made his commitment to two coaches. He loved the reaction he got, which reinforced his feeling that he had made the right choice.

"I made my official commitment to coach (Scott) Shafer and coach McDonald," Cooper said. "They were both in the room when I told them. After I told them I was committing, coach Shafer was really happy. He got up real quick and gave me a hug. It was really cool to see him react like that. I just can't wait to play for coach Shafer for the next four or five years to come.

"We didn't get too much into details about scheme or anything. But they say I would be playing in the slot. When I get there, I will be playing slot."

Family is always important for a prospect making a decision. Syracuse's move to the ACC, as well as Cooper's relationship with McDonald, helped his family support the decision to be Orange.

"My family was pretty happy," he remarked. "They were happy I was going to a great university and getting a good education. They know the offensive coordinator very well of course. They were really happy I committed to that school. And they are going to the ACC. So I'll be playing my back home teams like North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest, and Duke.

"I'll have a chance to play all four of those teams from North Carolina so they don't have to travel as much. That was a big plus for them."

With his recruitment over, Cooper is focusing on the future. He already has clear goals for his time at Syracuse and believes the fans can expect big plays out of the talented wide out.

"The first thing is to win the ACC championship," Cooper outlined. "That's the first thing I want to do when I get to Syracuse. I want to win a conference championship. The second thing is I want to win a national championship. I mean, everyone wants to win a national title, and Syracuse is doing great to go in that direction.

"Syracuse fans can expect me to just be a great guy and be a friendly guy on campus. Being a great guy and give them some deep threat action."

Cooper added that he is done taking official visits, and cancelled his trip to Arkansas originally scheduled for the weekend of February 1st.

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