Trevon Trejo Ready to Go

The incoming defensive end follows the likes of Deon Goggins to Syracuse, as yet another defensive lineman from the state of California goes Orange. He talks with inside.

Junior college (JUCO) transfer Trevon Trejo out of Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California, is prepared to work himself into the defensive line of the Syracuse Orange football program.

"I'm already set and ready to go," said Trejo, who signed his National Letter of Intent in December of this past year.

Trejo was expecting to be on campus earlier, but had to extend his time in junior college. "I was supposed to be a midyear, but I have to take one more class," Trejo stated.

He said that he intends to be at Syracuse University in "late May, early June".

According to Trejo, "history and academics" are what swayed him in Syracuse's favor. "I always wanted to look for a place where I can get good football and a good education out of one school, and that's Syracuse for me," Trejo remarked.

He plans to study Sociology while playing on the football squad.

As his teammates sign their National Letters of Intent, Trejo reflects on what signing his meant to him. "It means a lot," Trejo expressed. "It's very exciting for me. It just means a lot. I mean, I'm very excited about it."

When Trejo was first being recruited by the Orange, he shared that, "Coach [Greg] Adkins, the o-line coach, he came down here and he talked to me. And then I got there, with [defensive line coach] [Tim] Daoust, he was telling me that my pass rush, it fits. My playing style basically fits the defense. I'm a pass-rusher, and that's what he liked about me the most, about my speed."

Having the extra time after high school has aided Trejo. "I mean, it actually was very important," he said. "Being a JUCO, I kinda like feel like I'm more ready than I was out of high school going into a D-I. It kinda prepares you for college. I mean, it's basically run like a D-I down here…you get that experience before going to a D-I."

Being on the West Coast, Trejo made the decision to travel to the other side of the country to continue his collegiate career. "Me, I like new experiences," Trejo shared. "I feel like being down on the east coast. That's kinda what got me out there, too. I mean just having new experience."

Speaking of moving, Trejo commented on whether or not the changes in the coaching staff ever made him think of looking elsewhere. "No, not at all," Trejo expressed. "When they told me the switch, I mean, as long as Daoust was there and I heard [Scott] Shafer got the head coach position, it kind of didn't change my opinion at all."

As far as his relationship with his soon-to-be position coach, Daoust, Trejo said, "We're close now, very close now. [He] actually came over not too long ago, talking to me and my mom. I like coach Daoust. [He's] kinda one of the reasons why I chose Syracuse. He's a good guy. Reminds me of my coach down here."

"He's a social guy," Trejo added. "Basically, I feel like if I need help I can go to him, kinda like a father figure. He's just a good guy."

Along with his positive connection with Daoust, Trejo has also seen how another JUCO transfer from California has gelled with Syracuse. "When I went down there [to Syracuse], I was with Deon Goggins and being that far away from home and seeing him do well down there…kinda helped my decision," Trejo remarked. "He's doing good and he's all the way down there and he has told me good things about Syracuse…that kinda helped."

"I talked to Deon a few times over text and I know he's not gonna be there next year, but I also talk to Macky MacPherson, the center," Trejo continued.

When talking about getting onto the field for the Orange, Trejo said, "I'm pretty confident. I mean, as long as I go out there, work hard, do what I've been doing, I think I'll be fine. Just go out there and just put in work and not slack off. I think I should be fine when it comes to getting playing time down there, starting."

Trejo has keyed in on an area of his game that he wants to improve before entering onto campus. "Basically stopping the run," Trejo remarked. "Had a little trouble with that, but not too much trouble but stuff like that…standing my ground against the run."

You can expect Trejo on the end of the defensive line when he does get his time on the field. "Yeah, that's where they want me," he expressed, as he edges closer to taking his first step onto the Syracuse University campus as a student-athlete.

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