Tyler Provo Keeps His Word

Syracuse gains another player who believes he can have an immediate impact, remaining with Syracuse amidst losing a coach of whom he had built a close connection with. He talks with CuseNation.com inside.

Despite the loss of offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, of whom he had a good relationship with, to the NFL's Buffalo Bills, American Heritage School tight end Tyler Provo has continued his commitment to the Syracuse Orange football squad, signing his National Letter of Intent.

"It was good," said the Florida tight end about turning his verbal commitment into writing. "I get some weight lifted off my shoulders, so I can stop worrying about stuff and just work out and get better."

Provo admitted that the coaching carousel did affect him, but he followed by stating, "I didn't take any official visits," when speaking on colleges outside Syracuse University.

As far as what brought him back to the Orange after wavering a little, Provo shared, "My brother [Nick] went there and [I] just gotta keep the legacy going. They wanted me to play tight end. That was one of my better offers to play tight end. I had offers from Purdue and UCF and USF to play tight end but I really didn't build a relationship with any of them."

His father also had a good relationship with Hackett. Offering his dad's thoughts on the coaching changes, Provo said, "He's fine with that. He thinks coach [Scott] Shafer will do a good job."

Provo still believes in starting right away and has been in contact with both head coach Scott Shafer and offensive coordinator George McDonald.

As far what Shafer shared with Provo, Provo said, "That he still wanted me. He still wants me as a tight end a lot."

Shafer discussed Hackett's departure with Provo as well. "We talked a little bit about it," Provo remarked. "I understand from Hackett's point-of-view and everything...coaching job in the NFL doesn't come around too often, so I understand. I respect that."

McDonald echoed similar sentiments as Shafer to Provo. "They're gonna use me," said Provo of what McDonald shared with him. "He wants to throw the ball to me."

"It's gonna be up tempo," Provo added. "He (George McDonald) can split me at wide or push me back in or just a whole bunch of stuff with the tight end."

Through the process, Provo's closest relationship has been with fellow signee, quarterback Austin Wilson. "We're cool," Provo expressed. "We're pretty good friends still. Hopefully we room together."

When asked if he was ready to give up the hot weather, Provo said, "No. When my four years are up at Syracuse, I'll be back down this way."

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