Domer Goes In-Depth on 'Cuse Offer

With running back being a huge priority for Syracuse in their 2014 class, they are already on the trail identifying talented options. Matt Domer recently received an offer from the Orange, and is excited about learning more about the program.

Syracuse is going hard after running backs in 2014. Their most recent offeree is Matt Domer out of Mount Carmel High School in Chicago (IL). It was the third offer for the talented prospect.

"I got an offer from NIU (Northern Illinois), Illinois, and Syracuse," Domer claimed. "Syracuse offered Saturday afternoon. It was coach DeAndre Smith, the running backs coach. He had seen my tape and talked to one of my coaches. They already had a good relationship so he trusted my coach. He said he saw my tape and he really loved how I play. He liked my explosion and said I would fit his offense perfectly if I were to come up there.

"He said he had previous athletes who he taught and coached, and they had much success with him. They ended up being great players with him. He said that my talent level is much higher than theirs. He feels that with me in his offense it would be a lot of help. He said I could start something great over at Syracuse with them moving to the ACC."

The offer came as a bit of a surprise for Domer, who did not think the Orange would notice him halfway across the country. However, he's happy to have Syracuse as an option.

"It was really good," Domer admitted. "I really didn't think I would be noticed all the way out on the east coast. It's nice to know that I'm being noticed all around the country and in one of the biggest conferences in the NCAA in the ACC. It's an honor to be one of the players they would like to have over in that program. Start a new thing with the new coaching staff. I was really excited.

"Donovan McNabb came from my school and he went there. It would be a great little thing that I could follow up on. I really didn't think of Syracuse. I didn't think they would be interested in me. But it's always good to keep my options open and that's definitely going to be one of my options. So I'm going to go out there and check it out and see how it is out there. Just because you don't really know much about a school until you get out there and get a feel for the atmosphere and see how you really feel about it.

"I'm going to get out there and see how I feel and how it fits in my heart when I visit the school," the Chicago (IL) product continued. "Nothing is scheduled yet. Obviously New York isn't right around the corner. But I'm definitely going to get out there. Me and my dad have already talked about taking a trip out there."

McNabb is one of Syracuse's most famous alums and one current prospects are familiar with. He is still spoken of very highly at Mount Carmel.

"Donovan McNabb, yeah he's still talked about here," Domer said. "He's a really good example of a guy we like to follow. He's somebody that came out of our school and made it big. He's not like athletes today that are just messing themselves up all the time. He is spoken highly of at our school. That would be a positive thing would be to follow in the steps of Donovan McNabb even though I'm a running back and he was a quarterback. "

With offers and interest starting to pick up, Domer is focused on what he wants in another school. The most important factor is the relationship he has with the coaching staff.

"First of all, I want it to be a good decision and want to make sure it feels right to me," the 6-foot running back said. "I want it to be one hundred percent my decision before anyone else's. I want to have a great relationship with the coaches. I don't want to go anywhere where I am flaky with the coaches. I want it to feel like a second home. Because I'm going to be out on my own wherever I go. I want to feel real comfortable about where I go.

"Then, playing time eventually. I want to see where I am on the depth chart. That's not the most important thing though. I want to be able to build a bond and a relationship. From there I can go with my natural abilities and work with some great coaches to become a great player."

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