No Longer Left to Lead Alone

The senior guard provides his take on what it means to have the man back he began his career at Syracuse with, as well as more, with inside.

Syracuse Orange men's basketball boasts of one of the most consistent scoring threats in the Big East Conference in senior guard Brandon Triche. He has attained double-figures in points in 19 of the team's 23 games.

But an action outside of Triche can aid the senior guard to more success as he moves forward throughout the season.

The return of forward James Southerland offers the Orange another option from long range, an area where Triche has also excelled at times this season.

Triche and Southerland are the only Syracuse players to have made 30 or more baskets from beyond the arc in the 2013-14 campaign.

Both are the only seniors on the floor for the Orange as well.

When asked if the return of Southerland means better team chemistry, Triche said, "I don't know if it gets better 'cause we always had team chemistry. It's not the chemistry that gets better. Our team just gets better, just to our abilities. He stretched the defense out. I don't know if he hit four threes, but he hit three threes [versus St. John's]. He's just gonna make it a lot easier for the guards. Gonna make it a lot easier for everybody else."

"Just with him, having that option," Triche continued. "Now when you come off the pick, if it's a pick and pop, then a big guy can help all the way. So, it's definitely gonna make it easier for us guards and everybody else."

Not only being a teammate, but a friend of Southerland's, Triche offered his take on the six-game hiatus of the man that came onto the Orange with him. "It was sad just for him, just 'cause he worked so hard, four years, especially being a senior," Triche expressed.

"We was roommates my freshman year, so just being close friends with 'em," Triche added. "Seeing him work so hard and finally having a great season, playing a lot of minutes, finally having a great season and something happen like that, it's bad. You almost feel bad for 'em."

Working to be a leader for Syracuse in his last opportunity for a national championship, his care for those around him is inevitable, including toward Southerland. "One thing he didn't do was get down on himself and that was the biggest thing that I'm happy for," Triche shared.

The dual deep threats with the most collegiate experience join together next when they travel to Connecticut to take on the UConn Huskies with the rest of the Orange on Wednesday, February 13th, at 7pm ET.

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