Roberson Continues to Improve

Syracuse commit Tyler Roberson is having a very productive senior season. He discusses that, his game, and how the Orange have looked so far this year with

Tyler Roberson has been working hard on his game since signing with Syracuse. On the season, his Roselle Catholic (NJ) squad is 16-4. The 4-star forward is averaging 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game.

"The season has been going well," Roberson said. "We've only lost about four games or so. Those four losses have been to some really good teams. Our team has been playing really well. We have some very good players. I think we can win a state championship.

"I think I've been playing well. I think I've been playing well this season. I've been trying to work on a lot of things. I've been working a lot on my perimeter game and focusing on that. For my high school team I have to score and that's one way I can do that. I know when I get to Syracuse I'm going to have to be able to hit outside shots so I'm working on that."

The Syracuse staff continues to stay in touch with their talented recruit, calling to check in on Roberson. He and assistant coach Mike Hopkins have been developing a strong bond.

"It's Coach Hopkins," Roberson explained. "He calls me every once in a while. We talk about stuff and he asks how everything's going. I talk to him about basketball and really anything. I'm very comfortable with him."

With the season a little more than half over, Roberson is impressed with Syracuse and their prospects in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. He watches every game that he can.

"Yes I follow them," Roberson admitted. "I think they've been playing really well. They took a couple tough losses. I think if they keep playing like they've been playing with James (Southerland) back, they can go far in the tournament. They're really talented."

New Jersey has a lot of talented players. One of them is 5-star Cincinnati commit Jermaine Lawrence. He and Roberson have battled many times, with Tyler having a lot of success.

"He's a really good player," the 4-star Syracuse commit said. "Every time I play against him, it's a lot of fun. I like playing against the best competition. I don't know why I have success. It's just, every time I play I go really hard and things work out."

With his senior season coming up on its final moments, Roberson will shift his focus to his career in Orange. It's something he can't wait to start.

"Everything," Roberson declared. "Basketball, school, the atmosphere, the coaches, everything. Just can't want to get there and see how it is."

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