Rivers Hears from New Staff

Dallas Rivers is up to twelve offers early in the recruiting process. One is from the Orange, but it was given to him by the old staff. Recently, a member of the new staff paid him a visit. Rivers discusses the visit, his recruitment, and his interest in Syracuse with inside.

One of the most recruited positions for Syracuse in 2014 will be the running back position. One of their talented targets is Dallas Rivers, who recently transferred out of Tucker High to Stephenson High in Georgia. Interest in Rivers continues to grow, as he is up to a dozen offers.

"Right now, I currently have twelve offers," Rivers said. "Arizona, Boston College, Charlotte, Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Wake Forest, and West Virginia. I'm also hearing from UGA (Georgia), Alabama, and I'll be at Georgia Tech on Monday. Stanford too."

Having interest from schools he grew up watching means a lot to Rivers. Offers from some of those schools could be on the horizon.

"It means a lot," Rivers admitted. "Growing up, I kind of always was a fan of the SEC and the ACC. It means a lot to get interest from those schools in the area. And of course, out west as well. It means a lot to me."

The Orange have been recruiting Rivers for awhile. The old staff extended the offer, and the new one confirmed it is still there for him.

"Syracuse offered during the winter break in December," Rivers recalled. "I actually got a visit from one of the coaches a few weeks ago. Yeah it was (DeAndre Smith). He was telling me he liked what I was doing on the field. Athletically and academically. He wants to get up on a visit.

"I'm definitely trying to get up there. I pretty much want to visit all of the schools that offered. Syracuse, they sound like one of the best schools. Actually, I was doing some research and they have both of the majors I am interested in. Computer engineering and architecture."

With local schools showing interest, is it possible for a program like a Syracuse or Stanford to steal to him away? Rivers says distance is important, but won't be a huge factor in his final decision.

"I definitely want to stay close to home, but that's not going to impact my overall decision," the 6-foot-1 running back said. "I talked to my parents and they said to make my decision based on how the school fits for me and not how close to home it is. I'll be fine wherever I'm at. So it means a lot, but not really."

There are, however, a few factors that will be the most important for the 6-foot-1 back.

"Definitely academics," Rivers maintained. "Academics are big. I want to make sure I get a degree and think about life after football. Early playing and the environment too. I have to be comfortable at the school and feel at home."

Early in the process, with so much interest, Rivers is taking in the process. No one is standing out as many schools are recruiting him hard.

"No leaders right now," Rivers claimed. "I'm just taking it all in and enjoying the process. Everyone's recruiting me pretty hard right now. Can't really choose one over the other. I'm not sure. I want to take some visits first and get to know the schools."

Syracuse may have an ace in the hole to help them standout, however. A former teammate of his has signed with the Orange, and Syracuse is a school that is mentioned more and more in his state.

"I definitely hear it come up a little bit," he said. "I actually had an old teammate, from last year, Alex Hayes. He committed there. So it's definitely talked about. Alex has always been big on Syracuse and talks about how good it is. That definitely makes me want to take a visit to see what it's like up there.

"We're close. It would mean a lot (to play with Hayes). We've been playing together since my freshman year. Him being the offensive tackle and blocking for me, and me knowing what to expect from him. That would be big."

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