Interest Picking Up for Queiro

The 2014 class is deep and talented at many positions. Safety is one of those positions, and Cameron Queiro is starting to receive a lot of interest. He updates his recruitment, interest in Syracuse, and more inside.

Cameron Queiro is starting to make a name for himself in recruiting. He has offers from the ACC, SEC, and Big-10 already, with interest from many others.

"I have offers from Pittsburgh, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt," Queiro claimed. "Georgia Tech, Iowa, and Wisconsin are showing the most interest right now."

Syracuse has expressed interest as well, though not as much lately. Queiro is hoping to hear from them soon.

"Syracuse hasn't sent me much lately, but they visited my school every once in awhile and talk to me," Queiro recalled. "The last time was three or four weeks ago. They said they would keep in touch. I've sent them my highlight film. I know they're just getting wrapped up with the 2013 class.

"Hopefully we can get in touch again soon."

Right now, Queiro has a favorite. Though he admits it's still very early. Playing with his brother, Kyle Queiro, could be a big factor for him.

"I'd say Northwestern is at the top right now just because I visited recently and my brother is going there," Queiro admitted. "I still have a lot of visits to make right now. My brother being there gives them a leg up. He's always pulling me to go there. It's not my pick though, yet. I still have to decide for me."

While he has taken the one visit to see the Wildcats this year, he visited a few schools last year. One of those was to see the Orange.

"Northwestern is the only visit I've taken this year," Queiro explained. "Last year I visited Boston College, Syracuse, and a few others players. I visited Syracuse during last summer. It is someplace I'm interested. They had an up and down season. They won some big games. I like what they're doing there and going to the ACC. I know some people there. I knew Shutang Mungwa."

The new coaching staff has not been in touch with Queiro as of yet. But given the need for safety depth, they could reach out soon.

"I haven't had the opportunity to talk to any of the new coaches," the 6-foot safety explained. "That's why we haven't really kept the communication. But I'm looking forward to meeting them. So it's kind of neutral right now. I just want an opportunity to meet them and talk with them."

With 2014 recruiting picking up, Queiro knows what he's looking for in a school. That includes some advice from his brother while going through the process.

"I'm definitely going to have to visit the school I choose," Queiro declared. "Academics are big. It has to be an academic place. It has to have coaches I can build a relationship and have a relationship over the phone with. Even in person, I have to like seeing them, all of the coaches. Just somewhere I fit. With the right group of people.

"My brother says you just feel it when you're at the right place."

Queiro does not have a time frame for his decision.

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