Intro 2014: Godspower Ogide

Starting football last season, Godspower Ogide is raw but incredibly talented. The 6-foot-10 prospect is hearing from three local schools, including the Orange. He breaks down the latest inside.

The talent in western New York is improving year after year. In 2014, there are a number of division one prospects gaining interest. One of those is Rochester (NY) product Godspower Ogide. The talented 6-foot-10 defensive end is receiving interest despite getting a late start to football.

"I got some interest from Syracuse, Rutgers, and a couple of division two colleges," the Bishop Kearney product said. "No offers. They would have but last season was the first time I really played football. They just want me to work a little bit more. They want to see how it goes next season.

"Rutgers, I talked to them about three weeks ago. Syracuse, the coach was at my school about a month ago. I didn't talk to him but he talked to my coach. It was from the old staff. The tight ends coach."

The schools recruiting Ogide are close to home, despite none offering as of yet. Those offers should come, however, as he shows off his raw abilities this season. Proximity would be nice, but won't be the most important factor in his decision.

"Staying close to home would be good," Ogide admitted. "But right now I'm kind of my interest and stuff wide open. I want to see, at the end, I want to see the best offers I have. Going to a school that would fit me and that would feel comfortable for me would be what I would want to go to."

Right now, neither Rutgers nor Syracuse stands out over the other. Recently, a third school entered the mix.

"I'm just looking at the way they are right now," Ogide explained. "Syracuse is a great school. Both from the program and obviously the coaches. Rutgers is also good too. I'm just trying to see how it goes. Maybe next season I can see how my game improves and I'll see where I can fit in.

"I've also had interest from the University of Buffalo. I went to their recruiting camp. I talked to the coaches and they showed me around the school and all that."

Ogide has visited Syracuse before. He attended a basketball game and loved what he saw, and admitted there would be a benefit to playing a short thruway drive from home.

"Yes I have (been to the Carrier Dome)," Ogide recalled. "I've been there two times. I sat with the recruits and all that. I did that this year. I went to a basketball game and they won by a lot.

"It was great. It was wonderful. The school, the fans and everything. It was really great. It would mean a lot (to play there). It would be a lot of fun. My whole family and friends could come watch me play live. It would be great."

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