New 'Cuse LB Coach Talks to Frey

Linebacker is a priority position for Syracuse in 2014. One prospect that holds an offer is Upper Arlington (OH) product Chris Frey. He discusses recent communication with new Orange linebacker coach Clark Lea, and more, inside.

Upper Arlington (OH) linebacker Chris Frey already holds several offers, and is hearing from others. Despite it being early in the process, his recruitment has not lacked activity.

"I have offers from Akron, Toledo, Northern Illinois, BG (Bowling Green), Ohio, Kent State, and Syracuse," Frey said. "I've also been talking to Michigan State a lot, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina State, and those are pretty much the only other schools I've been talking to."

The offer he received from Syracuse was from the old staff. He has spoken to the new Orange linebackers coach Clark Lea, with whom he has a previous relationship.

"I've been talking to Coach Lea, the new linebackers coach there," Frey explained. "I'm not really sure where it stands right now. He told me that, real soon, he'll figure it out and let me know. I'm pretty sure the offer is still there, but as of right now, I'm not one hundred percent sure. I've only talked to him once or twice, mostly through e-mail.

"When he was at BG, he was one of the coaches that had seen my film and was recruiting me. So he's seen my film. He's a real nice guy. I haven't talked to him much. He wasn't my primary recruiter at BG. He was really nice. I've seen him at camps and I've gone up to him and we've talked. He was a real nice guy."

The Upper Arlington product knows the Syracuse offer is his biggest one right now. There is clear interest on his end, despite the way the previous staff left things before their departure to the NFL.

"It's a big offer for me," Frey admitted. "And yeah I'm interested in them. But when the coaching staff that was there before, they talked to me here and there. Then, I just lost all connection with them before they left. Before the coaching staff left for the NFL, I had no contact with them whatsoever. I really had no clue what was going on with everything.

"But with Coach Lea being there, and talking to him again, it's brought my interest right back to them. So hopefully my offer will still be there."

While there are no favorites right now, Frey has visited two schools recently. He has developed a strong relationship with both staffs, especially Bowling Green.

"I was just at BG for their junior day," Frey recalled. "I was at OU (Ohio) last Wednesday. Both of those schools I really like. I enjoyed being on campus. When I was at BG, I got to talk to Coach (Dave) Clawson. It was the second time I talked to him. I really liked what he has to say. I like the direction of the program. They went from a school that was barely winning any games to losing by six to Florida. I really like what he has going on over there."

Many of the schools showing interest in Frey are close to home. However, while location will have some impact, there are other factors that will be more important.

"I'd like to stay remotely close to home but it doesn't have to be too close," the 6-foot-2 linebacker said. "My number one thing is the relationship with the coaches. I want to really like the facilities part of it. Academically, I want to make sure it has my major and has a good program. I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think I want to go into sports management. Those are the main things that will factor into it right now."

Knowing what he's looking for in a school, Frey is looking towards an early decision. However, he will not force it unless he finds the right school.

"I would like to decide before the season starts so I don't have to worry about committing during the season and all the recruiting aspects of it," Frey declared. "I would like to commit before the season. But if the offer I am looking for isn't there, I might hold off a little bit."

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