Mosely Talks 'Cuse Offer

Syracuse likes versatile athletes that love playing football. Marcus Mosely fits that description perfectly, and the Orange pulled the trigger on offering the talented prospect. He reacts to the offer inside.

With 2014 recruiting amped up, new offers go out all the time. Syracuse joined the party today as they offered Marcus Mosely, a wide receiver/tight-end from Tampa (FL).

"Yes they offered," Mosely admitted. "It was around our lunch time so I want to say around 11 o'clock today. They called my coach, and then me and my coach called him back. He just said I got an offer and they are excited about me.

"It was the quarterbacks coach (Tim Lester). This was kind of the first interaction with him. I talked to him on the phone a little bit today. He pretty much said, ‘we're excited about you. We saw your film.' He asked if I knew anything about Syracuse and what I wanted to go to school for. He told me the gist of what Syracuse is all about. He told me they are number one in broadcasting and asked if I would be interested in going there."

It was the first BCS offer for Mosely, who was extremely happy with the offer. He believes it's the start of an upswing in his recruitment.

"I was very thrilled," Mosely explained. "Syracuse is a big name out there just going to the ACC. It was my first big offer, not my first offer, but my first big one. They always say once you get that one it starts rolling in. So it's a big burden off my shoulders.

"Obviously Syracuse is a great school to go to. Being in New York and in the heart of the country."

With the offer in hand, Mosely is now focused on getting to know the Orange. He is excited about the possibility of taking a visit as soon as this summer.

Yes, for sure," the 6-foot-4 receiver said. "They said over the summer they would be contacting me because right now they can't contact me directly. We'll be trying to make a visit. I would love to go there and see what it's all about. I've never been to New York so I'm sure it's great."

As his recruitment picks up, Mosely is looking for specific things in a potential landing spot. Some of the criteria could give the Orange a leg up.

"I would say my family, where they think I would be most successful," the Alonso High product claimed. "Also where I think I would be most successful. I want a school that's going to prepare me not just for football but for life. I want to be able to be successful in something other than football as well, and whatever school can help me with that will be a great choice.

"I want to go into broadcasting. I'm also taking some accounting and business management classes right now. Those are some things I'm very interested in. A school like Syracuse is a great first step."

The Syracuse coaches are very high on Mosely, who describes himself as a team-oriented player. His versatility is a big reason why the Orange offered.

"I'm not the fastest and I'm not the strongest guy," Mosely remarked. "But I always give 110%. I'm always looking out for what's best for the team. Just finishing all my blocks. Even if it's a run play I'm still finishing my block and coming off the line, even if it's not going my way. I'm not such a ra-ra, in your face kind of guy. I just try to let my play do the talking and be a leader on the field.

"I play both receiver and tight-end. I grew up playing receiver but I'm such a big target that they threw me in there at tight-end. I would have to say receiver is my preference, but I'm willing to go wherever they want me. He (Lester) said they like me for both. The receivers coach (Rob Moore) really likes me. They also saw some of my film at tight-end and they liked me. It's a good problem to have to be able to play me at both positions."

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