Obokoh Takes In Record Crowd

Chinonso Obokoh took the short drive down the thruway to attend a historic event in the Carrier Dome as Syracuse took on Georgetown. While the game didn't turn out how he had hoped, he enjoyed the experience. He discusses that, Thomas Bryant, and more inside.

Syracuse set an on-campus record with over 35,000 fans in attendance. Among that group were a few recruits. Chinonso Obokoh, a 2013 3-star center who has already signed with the Orange, loved the electric atmosphere.

"The atmosphere over there was crazy," Obokoh recalled. "I've never seen anything like it. Even since I've been going to Syracuse games, never seen something like that. That was 35,012. That was a huge crowd over there. I was just happy to be a part of it."

After the game, he spoke briefly with the coaching staff. However, the mood wasn't as cheerful as he had hoped.

"Yesterday wasn't a good day for that at all," Obokoh admitted. "Losing the game to Georgetown and everything. But I got to talk to the coaches a little bit. When you lose a game like that, especially at home, they aren't going to be wanting to be chatting and stuff. I kind of like, said hi, and just told them that I know they will be coming to campus sometime and I'll be ready to talk to them."

Seeing the atmosphere ramped up the excitement for the Rochester (NY) Bishop Kearney High product. In fact, he wanted to lace up his shoes and compete with his future teammates.

"It made me really, I would say, excited about it," the 3-star center said with a chuckle. "I was inside the Dome and I was thinking I wish I could just leave school right now and start coming to Syracuse. I got to do things in the normal way and the right way. I'm so happy about it, that I could be a part of it.

"I know I couldn't do that much to help right now. But yesterday it was a great game and atmosphere. They just couldn't get the shots to fall at all. From watching all their games and playing in a lot of games, that kind of things happens. They will be OK."

Attending the game with Obokoh was his teammate, 2015 5-star Thomas Bryant. He believes Bryant was impressed by what Syracuse has to offer on game day.

"I think he's excited about seeing all of that," Obokoh said of his teammate. "I keep telling him that this is place for him. I'm going to help with trying to get him to Syracuse. I know he liked seeing the atmosphere. He's never been to a school like that. I know he's excited.

"I think he still has a long way to go (in his recruitment). I just know he was excited about seeing Syracuse and everything. He's not really saying much about his recruitment right now."

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