McCullough Celebrates Championship

Syracuse commit Chris McCullough made his first year at Brewster successful with a championship. He discusses that and his thoughts on Syracuse's recent struggles inside.

Chris McCullough is one of the most talented players in the 2014 class. This season was his first at Brewster Academy, and he made it a memorable one. They won the NEPSAC class AAA championship on Sunday in a thrilling 77-75 overtime victory.

"The game started off rough," McCullough admitted. "They were up by, I think, eight at halftime. But we didn't hang our heads early in the game. We came back, played good defense, and rebounded. We hit our free-throws and tied it at the end, so we went into overtime. We pulled it out in overtime.

"We played team defense and rebounded. We crashed the boards and then made our free-throws at the end. Overtime is big. You know it's all on the line so you have to play hard and make plays. Every play is more important in overtime."

After the intense battle was over, Brewster was able to celebrate their championship. McCullough says it was a great moment, and one he envisions having at the next level.

"When the buzzer sounded, we went to the middle (of the court) and started going crazy," McCullough recalled. "Ron (Patterson) and I didn't talk about doing that at Syracuse but we know we're going to get one of those. We'll get at least one at Syracuse."

McCullough and Ron Patterson continue to develop their on-court chemistry, which should give Syracuse fans something to look forward to.

"The chemistry is good," McCullough claimed. "We keep getting to know each other as players, and we make plays on the court. We just can't wait to do it when we get to college."

Despite the recent struggles of this year's Syracuse squad, McCullough has confidence in the Orange.

"They lost three in a row," McCullough said. "But they're still in the tournament so they're good. They'll turn it around. I'm not worried.

"When I get there, I'm going to do everything I can to help my team win and make my team better. I want a championship."

McCullough added that he plans to play in the Nike EYBL this summer for Team Scan.

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