Kirk Tucker Talks 'Cuse Offer

Offers continue to fly out as Syracuse looks to add talent to their 2014 class. Tucker High (GA) safety Kirk Tucker is a recent offeree, and he discusses the offer inside.

Georgia has been a pipeline Syracuse has utilized over the past few seasons. The new Syracuse staff is looking to continue tapping into that pipeline in 2014. One of their most recent offerees from the state is Tucker High (GA) safety Kirk Tucker.

"They came into the school one day with Mississippi State and watched my highlight tape," Tucker recalled. "I believe it was the head coach (Scott Shafer) from Syracuse. First they came to my class, took me out of class, and talked to me for a little bit. I didn't know I was going to get an offer that day until they went back to my coach's room and watched my highlights and saw my grades.

"They saw I was a great person on the field and off the field. That's when they offered me. I was really happy to get that offer. I felt blessed to get that offer."

When the Orange pulled him out of class, it was a conversation that was sort of feeling each other out. Still, it resulted in an offer for the talented Tucker High standout.

"They were really just sizing me up, looking at me up and down," Tucker admitted. "I have great size and all that. They were just telling me that they were going to go watch my film with my coach and get back to me. The next day, my coach told me that they offered me."

Syracuse is not the only school after Tucker. He currently holds eight offers and could have more coming his way in the future.

"So far I have Syracuse, Stanford, Arkansas, Ohio University, Connecticut, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Indiana, and that's it so far," Tucker claimed. "It shows me that I have a great variety going right now and it shows me I'm a hard worker on the field and off the field. It shows that grades really do play a big part in the football game.

"Not just being a great athlete, just being great in school. Having all these offers from different schools from all over the country is really a blessing. It opens my eyes to show me that anybody can do it if you work hard."

With Syracuse being the most recent offer, he is still learning about the school up north. The good news for the Orange is that Tucker is still wide open.

"The only thing I really know about Syracuse is that it's in New York," Tucker said. "And one of my teammates (Alex Hayes) is going there. And I think they're moving to the ACC.

"Right now all of my options are open. I'm just really enjoying this process. Whatever school I can come into and be a big asset to and start off early, that's really what I'm looking at."

Tucker has family in New York, and that could allow him to take a trip to visit Syracuse and learn more about the program.

"I have some family up there," Tucker explained. "So I may go up there with my father and step mother and try to visit. My family is located in New York close to the Manhattan area. They've been to Syracuse a couple times."

2013 signee Alex Hayes is already helping Syracuse in their quest to get Tucker in Orange in 2014. The two are close, and that could become a factor in his recruitment.

"Me and him are really close actually," Tucker remarked. "I talked to him about it the other day. One of the reporters they asked me about Syracuse and how close we were. He was like, ‘yeah man you have to come commit with me and play with me.'

"It would be great to know I would have somebody up there with me and I'm not going into the wilderness all by myself. Even if I was going by myself, I know I'd be able to handle my business."

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