Jerami Grant Focused For Future

With little time to correct errors, Syracuse's young forward understands the need for focus and positivity. He speaks with inside.

Freshman forward Jerami Grant has been asked to alter his role numerous times this season for the Syracuse Orange squad. From playing 10 minutes in two games combined as a sub to playing in no less than 27 minutes per game among the six games in which fellow forward, senior James Southerland, was held off the floor for off-the-court reasons. Grant then elevated to a starter more recently before heading back out of the starting five.

Despite all of these changes, Grant has worked to make his presence felt. Though a decrease in minutes has affected the amount of points he records per game, and how many attempts he has taken, Grant continues to work to make his time on the court count. He recorded three rebounds, one on offense and two defensively, blocked a shot, and made two free throws in Syracuse's closing Big East regular season series with Georgetown.

The young forward shares his opinion of the strong outside shooting by Georgetown, his confidence in the Orange going into the postseason, and what he will take from Southerland HERE

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