From Player to Coach: Autry Talks 'Cuse

With the Orange looking to keep the positive environment on the team's play going deeper into the postseason, Adrian Autry shares his thoughts on where Syracuse is at with inside.

In his short time as an assistant to Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim, Adrian Autry has witnessed what the current talent of the Orange can do.

Having played in the orange and blue himself, the success of the Syracuse squad continues to be meaningful to him.

With adversity knocking on the front door of the Orange, and the Orange appearing knocked down after their most recent loss to the Georgetown Hoyas, Autry has seen the team work to change their path, all starting before game time.

"I think after the Georgetown game, I think these guys really evaluated themselves, came together...the practices leading up to here, that what we're seeing now, that's how practice were," said Autry. "Guys started getting back to what we do and being focused and simplifying things. And just kinda getting back to basics. It's just good to see the carry over. So, like I said, after the Georgetown game, I think we came together."

Syracuse lost that match to Georgetown 61-39, scoring less points than there are minutes in the game (40).

But, since then, the Orange made more than half of their attempts, ending with 75 points in a win over the Seton Hall Pirates, followed by another strong performance, making 46.8% of their total tries, putting up 62 points in a victory over the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Jump shots falling has been a big part of Syracuse attaining these point totals, and more importantly, victories.

"It makes a big difference," Autry expressed. "I think we were taking a lot of tough shots in those games (referring to the team's losses). And we're just watching film and watching the shots that we made, and they were all good shots. So I think we started on more let's get good shots, 'cause when we get good shots, we make 'em. So that was the thing and I think the last two games, it was all of us getting better good shots."

The Orange have helped themselves gain leads and sustain leads through strong outside shooting in their first two contests inside the Big East Conference Tournament. Syracuse made nine of their 15 attempts from three-point range against Seton Hall and 12 of their 19 tries from distance versus Pittsburgh.

With strong shooting has also come good guard play. Speaking on senior guard Brandon Triche and sophomore guard Michael Carter-Williams, Autry said, "They've done a really good job of the last week or so of really attacking, and attacking the space. Not just attacking where it was crowded, so attacking that open side. They've done a really good job of that the last couple games."

Switching to defense, Autry offered positive remarks of Triche and Carter-Williams on that side of the ball as well. "Our spacing has been a lot better, so they've (opponents) had no penetration on us," Autry expressed.

On deck for the Orange is a third stint with the Hoyas, of whom Syracuse has had their worst offensive production against this season.

Having played against Georgetown on the court, Autry shared his thoughts and feelings on the rivalry now as a coach for Syracuse. "Well, I mean, it's definitely a rivalry, there's no doubting that," Autry stated. "ou always wanna have a chance to try to get back and erase that taaste out of your mouth, so I'm pretty sure the guys will be looking for it. It's gonna be a good game, great game. Should be a great game. Hopefully we'll play the way we've been playing the last two games, and that's what you look forward to."

"I think the Big East Tournament is a great event and our guys are looking forward to it and the fact that it's Georgetown," Autry added. "It coulda been Cincinnati, but it's the last team that beat us, and beat us pretty bad, so I think the guys will be looking forward to it."

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