Patterson Enjoys Orange Victory over Hoosiers

Syracuse upset Indiana in the Sweet-16 Thursday night. One of the Orange's 2013 commits watched the game from a little different perspective than most. Ron Patterson breaks it down inside.

As Syracuse was dominating Indiana Thursday night, one person was watching the game from a different perspective. 2013 Syracuse commit Ron Patterson was committed to Indiana as part of their 2012 class. However, the Hoosiers ended letting Patterson go, claiming he did not make the grade. Patterson says grades were never a problem, and felt slighted by the situation.

An Orange victory was extra gratifying for him.

"I felt like Syracuse got the lead early," Patterson explained. "They got control right away. I thought Indiana was going to make a run but Syracuse was too good. The zone was great. IU couldn't run what they normally do. Syracuse was aggressive and IU couldn't handle it. They looked confused."

The intensity of the game jumped off the television screen for the 6-foot-3 guard. He felt like he was in the game contributing to the Orange win.

"I felt like I was playing," Patterson admitted. "Watching it, I felt like I was on the court. It was intense and I'm glad it ended up the way it did."

The game meant a little more than just a tournament victory for Patterson. Despite that, the win made him feel like he ended up at the right place.

"It just showed me I made a great decision," Patterson declared. "It wasn't what I wanted at the time when the IU thing happened. But I ended up at the better place for me. I'm just happy we won."

As the Orange have completed an upset in the Sweet-16, they now must focus their attention on Marquette. A win would mean the first Final Four for Syracuse since their championship in 2003. Patterson believes the Orange are ready.

"They just have to make shots," he said. "(Brandon) Triche and them, Michael (Carter-Williams) have to play well and keep making shots. Keep playing hard and playing their game. If they just keep playing they'll be fine."

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