By the Numbers: Syracuse vs Michigan

Syracuse and Michigan square off on Saturday with a trip to the national title game on the line. takes a look at the matchup from a statistical perspective inside.

As Syracuse gets ready to face Michigan in the Final Four this weekend, both teams will come into the game playing their best basketball of the season. I decided to break down how each team is performing in the tournament to help preview the matchup. The following statistics only include NCAA Tournament games.


Syracuse: 43.37%

Michigan: 49.40%

3-point Shooting

Syracuse: 36.73%

Michigan: 40.24%

Free-Throw Shooting

Syracuse: 67.57%

Michigan: 68.00%

Points Per Game

Syracuse: 65.75

Michigan: 78.75

Assists Per Game

Syracuse: 10.25

Michigan: 16.25

Rebounds Per Game

Syracuse: 34.50

Michigan: 32.75

Rebound Margin Per Game

Syracuse: +2.25

Michigan: +4.00

Turnovers Per Game

Syracuse: 10.75

Michigan: 9.75

Opponents' Shooting

Syracuse: 28.91%

Michigan: 45.26%

Opponents' 3-point Shooting

Syracuse: 15.38%

Michigan: 24.59%

Opponents' Points Per Game

Syracuse: 45.75

Michigan: 63.25

Turnovers Forced Per Game

Syracuse: 16.50

Michigan: 12.75

Steals Per Game

Syracuse: 11.00

Michigan: 8.25

Blocks Per Game

Syracuse: 6.25

Michigan: 2.25

The statistics suggest both teams have been solid defensively, with Syracuse playing at a historic level on that end of the court. But the Orange continue to struggle offensively, shooting only 43% from the field, compared to an efficient 49% for Michigan.

Syracuse makes up for that by forcing 6 more turnovers per game than they commit themselves. Michigan takes care of the ball as good as anyone in the country, and that has continued in the NCAA Tournament. However, they do not force a lot themselves, which could be to Syracuse's benefit.

The statistics show what most will say from analyzing both teams. Michigan is a better offensive team than Syracuse, while the Orange are superior defensively. That battle will determine who plays for the title on Monday.

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