Funderburk Adjusting to Life in Orange

Quinta Funderburk has a lot of hype around his talent. But he continues to work hard this spring to gain the trust of the new coaching staff. He assesses where is, where the team is, and more as spring practice continues.

Quinta Funderburk may be one of the most intriguing players on this year's Syracuse football squad. He came out of high school with a reputation as a playmaker, and was posied for a breakout season with SEC school Arkansas. They had a coaching change, and he ended up transferring to Syracuse prior to last season.

Now, Funderburk is looking to make an impact on the field. He discussed where he thinks the team is after their most recent open practice.

"We're good and we're still coming along," Funderburk said. "We had a good scrimmage today and I feel good about the things I did and the things my teammates did. We've still got a lot of work to do and things like that."

Being in the program the last two years, Funderburk is able to compare and contrast the differences between the two staffs. He says there are more similarities than differences.

"It's pretty similar because we still have a fast paced offense going," Funderburk explained. It's changed because the new coaches came from the south like Miami and everything. The tempo of practice is a lot more fast this year and we get a lot more plays in. It feels good."

Funderburk feels like he is more integrated into the program this year than last. The opportunity to receive significant playing time is there and he's looking to seize that chance.

"I feel good because all of us are starting from the same position," Funderburk offered. "All of us are starting out learning the new offense just like everybody else. I feel good about it and feel like I'm fitting into things real well."

While Funderburk was not able to play last season, he did practice with the Orange all season. He was able to learn from two veterans in Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales. He believes he can take those lessons and apply them this year to have a big impact.

"They taught me a lot," Funderburk admitted. "The helped me with my route depths, my releases and everything, basically just how to make plays. They went out there and made plays and that's what I'm going to try to do."

As a wide receiver, Funderburk knows the relationship with the quarterback is extremely important. It's still early, but he is developing confidence in each of the three young men fighting for the starting job.

"Everybody's working," Funderburk declared. "Everybody's competing. Everybody's trying to get the job and everybody's doing well. They're all working hard and I think everybody's doing well right now. I have confidence in each one of them."

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