Arciniega Taking Advantage of Early Start

Luke Arciniega has been with the Syracuse program since January. He assesses where he is in learning the scheme, making an impact, and more inside.

When Luke Arciniega committed to Syracuse, he was thought of as a player who could make an immediate impact. Especially with joining the team in January, he would have ample opportunity to learn the scheme and impress the coaching staff. As spring practice continues, the team continues to work hard.

"I think we're making progress," Arciniega said. "We're still making mistakes but we're doing good things. That's all that matters is to do what coach (Scott Shafer) says every day and that's to control the controllable. We're getting better every day. As long as we're getting better, I think that's the biggest thing.

"We make some mistakes here and there but we also got some interceptions and picked up some fumbles. So it was a couple steps forward."

The linebackers are one of the most talented groups on the Syracuse roster. Having that talent and depth around has helped Arciniega adjust to the scheme.

"Yeah it really does help," Arciniega admitted. "Especially being the new guy and having those talented guys ahead of you who can help mentor you. I think it does make it easier as far as the learning aspect goes."

There are several veteran linebackers who have helped Arciniega get up to speed with the defensive system. One in particular has mentored him as he looks to make an impact on the field.

"There's a lot of people," Arciniega claimed. "Not just one person in general but a lot of people have helped out. They make you feel like you're part of the family. More linebackers because I see them and am with them more. Especially with me, I'd say ‘Quis (Marquis Spruill) because he's been here as a senior for three years now. He's a guy I'm trying to watch more closely and has helped me learn the plays.

"Right now I think I'm at the point where I'm just trying to connect the dots. I got it down mentally now I'm just trying to relay that onto the field and really connect the dots. To take it from the meeting room out onto the field. Every day, just control the controllable, I'm trying to do that. And that's all of us not just me. Josh (Kirkland), he's new too. I think we're making good progress on that."

Luke loves playing for the new coaching staff. He says the practices are high energy and full of intensity. He believes the feedback they receive will help them going forward.

"They keep it pretty even among all of us," Arciniega stated. "They try to give us equal feedback. They're not afraid to single anybody out, which is good. Everybody needs to feel when they do something wrong or get praised when they do something good.

"A lot of positive feedback and the negatives are always addressed."

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