On the Horizon: Mitch Kimble

Kimble has been spending his days working to get better as a quarterback and anxious to take the field with the Orange. He speaks with CuseNation.com inside.

Incoming quarterback Mitch Kimble will make the trip to the Syracuse Orange Spring game in anticipation of soon being involved in the quarterback contest himself for the Orange.

"It'll definitely be tough," said Kimble of having to be in the stands as opposed to on the field for the Spring game. "I'll be anxious all the time."

Kimble will be traveling to the game with incoming wide receiver Corey Winfield. "The whole thing with being committed, we've kinda grown close, just wanna head up there together," Kimble stated.

Speaking on the veterans, "I'm excited to see how they're doing and how they've improved," Kimble remarked. "I'm really looking forward to seeing all those guys again."

"The guy I spent the most time with was [wide receiver] Ben Lewis," he added. "I can't wait to see him again." Lewis came onto the Orange squad last season, but has yet to play, essentially making the upcoming season his first, along with Kimble.

"Having that relationship with quarterbacks and receivers is big…just spending a couple days we grew to know each other, pretty close," Kimble added. "I'm looking forward to seeing him again and expanding on that relationship."

Not just with Lewis but with receivers in general, Kimble believes in the importance of creating and keeping a strong bond between quarterback and receiver. "It's very important just being able to be comfortable, to know each other," he remarked.

In preparation for his first opportunity to join Syracuse on the field, Kimble shared that he has been in the weight room and performing "small footwork drills, really emphasizing stepping into my throw, bringing my hips around".

"I can definitely feel improvements," Kimble continued. "Big different little things can make."

Kimble also stated that he has "really improved the velocity and accuracy on the ball", relating his lower body work to that improvement.

"It's been exciting to see my improvement," Kimble remarked. "[I] feel a lot better and a lot more comfortable. I can't wait to get to Syracuse."

Upon getting to Syracuse University, Kimble will be led by newly-instated quarterbacks coach Tim Lester.

"I love coach Lester. I can't tell you how excited I am to be playing under him." As to why he is so excited to play under Lester, Kimble responded, "Just the passion he has for the game and just the quarterback position specifically."

"Just a guy I've been comfortable with since day one," he added.

In his conversations with Lester, the coach has told him to "keep staying in the weight room and getting bigger", according to Kimble.

Kimble has also been in touch with new offensive coordinator George McDonald. "I've gotten a chance to talk to coach McDonald a little bit," Kimble offered. "He's just somebody else I have that comfort level with."

With Charley Loeb, Terrel Hunt, and John Kinder already involved in the quarterback contest that Kimble is anxiously awaiting, he sees a potential disadvantage with not being able to practice in the Spring. "I guess you could say there's a little disadvantage," he said, referencing that the aforementioned quarterbacks will have more practices than him.

But Kimble is making no excuses. "For me, I'm ready to compete in the summer," he stated. "I'm hoping I can compete the best that I can."

"If I don't win the starting job that's fine with me," Kimble continued. "I'll be completely behind and support whoever wins."

Coming into an open competition, Kimble was asked about if that changes the way he looks at his inaugural season in college football. "Oh definitely, I think that makes a big difference…just having everyone compete with each other on every play," he remarked.

Entering the competition at the same time as Kimble will be fellow freshman quarterback Austin Wilson. When asked if he has been in touch with Wilson, Kimble responded, "Yes, we've been talking a little bit…I cant wait to meet him. We haven't met in person yet but we've been talking quite a bit."

Kimble is looking forward to get on campus, stating, "Playing at this level, this has been something I've dreamed of for a very long time."

Whatever happens in the upcoming season, Kimble will be part of Orange history as the team will enter the 2013-14 campaign as an Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) member for the first time ever.

"It's definitely something I'm happy about," Kimble shared. "It's pretty surreal to think about."

He has already circled Syracuse's match-ups with the Florida State Seminoles and Clemson Tigers on the schedule.

"Just starting a new chapter for Syracuse football, it's something I'm excited to be part of," he continued.

As far as what he will study, "Probably engineering," said Kimble. "I'm not sure what type."

Kimble's overwhelming feeling toward his upcoming move to Syracuse is excitement. "I can't wait," he exclaimed.

He believes he will be on campus on June 28th.

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