On the Horizon: Corey Winfield

Winfield has been involved in various training in order to be ready when he comes to Syracuse University to begin his collegiate career. He discusses that and more with CuseNation.com inside.

Wide receiver Corey Winfield is a product of the new look staff filling in the Syracuse Orange sideline.

Speaking on promoted defensive coordinator to head coach Scott Shafer, Winfield said, "He's gonna tell you the truth. He's not gonna sit there and lie to you."

Heading in for the Spring game with fellow incoming player, quarterback Mitch Kimble, Winfield will be watching the Orange to see "how they play as a family".

"They are always excited," Winfield remarked. "They look at each other as a bunch of brothers."

"I'm training at Athletic Republic," Winfield shared, "working on every part" of his game.

Winfield stated that he has been using Nike spark goggles. "They take away your vision and bring it back," he said. While they are on, Winfield remarked that trainers "throw tennis balls at you, see if you can catch."

"You can set the mode on how fast you want the goggles to blink," he added.

This part of his training helps Winfield to see the ball in slow motion, while having to catch it with his hands at regular speed.

"I started it last year…actually it makes things look smaller when it comes to you," said Winfield.

The young receiver has been staying busy alternating workout days of speed and agility. On Sundays, Winfield practices one-on-ones and also works in route-running each week.

Speaking of route-running,Winfield shared his relationship with Syracuse's veteran receiver Jarrod West. "We're pretty cool," said Winfield. "When I went down there for my official visit he was the one I was there with the whole time."

Winfield stated that West told him, "We working hard and we looking good. We just really young," referring to the team's recent practices.

West has also been "just telling me about school and academics and everything," said Winfield.

"Even though they have tutors, they still may need help. If I need anything or I need help, they will be there to help," Winfield shared of his conversation with West.

Winfield plans to study mechanical engineering at Syracuse University.

"Ever since I was younger my uncle and dad, they've been into cars, especially my uncle…he'll go buy a car and turn it into a whole diff thing," Winfield offered. "I want to be able to design engines, design cars."

"I like math," he added. "He (Winfield's uncle) didn't go to school. Just imagine if I go to school for that."

Shifting to the coaching staff, Winfield shared that he has spoken with Orange wide receivers coach Rob Moore.

He intends to talk with Moore when he comes up for the Spring game. "When I go down, I'm gonna ask him what needs to be done," Winfield expressed because he wants to "hit the ground running".

Looking at his strengths coming in, Winfield offered, "My main thing is speed and [being a] jumper. Everybody knows my vertical is a 41."

Winfield is focused on "being the bigger person over their corner" no matter who the Orange play.

He has had experience against both single- and double-coverage. "I've been [against] man-to-man my sophomore and junior year," Winfield stated. "They double-teamed me on the line and moved the safety," said Winfield of his opponents in his senior season.

"My main thing is to break my first tackle," he expressed. "If you can't beat your first man, you shouldn't be getting the ball."

As far as how he gets the ball, "I don't mind getting the ball off a handoff at all," said Winfield. "I like it both ways."

When asked if playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) holds any significance to him, Winfield responded, "The main thing is just being in competition. You can't be scared to do anything. Everybody bleeds the same. Everybody breathes the same."

Winfield expanded by saying, "You can be the smallest person on the field and be the best."

Winfield shared that he is leaving with his parents on June 27th to head to Syracuse University and will be on campus on June 28th.

Winfield shared, "That's where I'm gonna be for the next four, five years of my life."

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