Cavenas Leaves Syracuse Impressed

Tyler Cavenas is starting to see his recruitment pick up as he takes visits. He took a trip to Syracuse over the weekend, and recaps the visit with inside.

Programs can never have enough linemen on their roster. The more talent and depth the better in the eyes of coaches. Syracuse hosted several linemen over the weekend, including Mahanoy Area High (PA) product Tyler Cavenas.

"Up at Syracuse I had a great time," Cavenas explained. "We got there and they brought us in. The coaches talked to us. They said they just had the best potential people they could see playing for their team. They didn't have like 100 kids coming. They picked 20 to 25 kids that they thought could play for them and brought them in. They split us up into two small groups so we could ask questions. It was very easy to ask questions and talk one on one with guys.

"We went over to Manley. It was cool. First they took us over to the players' lounge. Then we went to the locker room to try on a jersey and stuff. It was pretty cool. They showed us the locker room. Then they took us to show us around Manley and the weight room and everything. We sat down and it was just me and this other kid. We talked to the offensive line coach (Pat Perles). He talked about the coaches, what he likes to do, and what Syracuse is all about. Then they took us to the Spring Game."

Cavenas spent a lot of time speaking with Coach Perles one on one. That meant a lot to him, and he's hopeful an offer will be coming at some point.

"They had me down as an offensive lineman so I assume they want me as an offensive lineman," Cavenas recalled. "I was talking to the offensive line coach. He didn't say what level the interest is. They just talked to us about his coaching style and that the offensive line is a tight knit group. He didn't say anything offers or anything.

"I'm actually going to e-mail him to ask him about the recruiting process with Syracuse and tell him how I enjoyed my trip. That's where I'm at so far."

The Spring Game was a highlight for the 6-foot-5 prospect. Seeing the stadium really impressed him and gave him a feel for what game day is like at Syracuse.

"The Carrier Dome is amazing," Cavenas admitted. "I've never seen anything like that. It's pretty amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. You don't see that that often especially with college teams. The Spring Game, I enjoyed watching the game.

"I enjoyed going down onto the field for warm-ups and everything. I enjoyed watching them play."

Still early in the process, a few schools are standing out. Cavenas is still looking for his first offer, but has a few favorites despite that.

"I haven't been to many schools," Cavenas claimed. "Probably Syracuse would second or third. Somewhere in there in the mix. I really did like Colgate University. So it's Colgate then it's between Syracuse and Rutgers for second and third. I've been to Penn State on a couple unofficial visits.

"I enjoyed the atmosphere at Syracuse and Rutgers. Colgate, it just seemed homely to me. It's small, and I come from a small town. There aren't a lot of kids there so it just had that homely feeling. But I'm open right now."

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