On the Horizon: Wayne Williams

Williams has endured the loss of Anselmo on the staff of the Orange, but has never lost his fight or want to aid the squad. He speaks with CuseNation.com inside.

Put simply, "Swaggercuse is doing good." Those were the words of incoming defensive lineman Wayne Williams, who coined the phrase a few months ago.

Having been recruited by former assistant head coach John Anselmo, Williams held on to the Syracuse Orange through the coaching changes that were made, and he appreciates how the staff has responded to him.

"The thing that I love with Syracuse the most, when it was all said and done they still kept in touch in touch with me," Williams remarked, referring to defensive line coach Tim Daoust, wide receiver coach Rob Moore, and head coach Scott Shafer.

Williams also mentioned that Eric White, the new Director of Recruiting Operations, reached out to his mother while she was in the hospital.

"They're really treating me like family and I really support that," Williams shared.

Williams has spoken with Anselmo, of whom he built such a close relationship with. "I talked to coach Anselmo briefly to tell him congratulations," he said. "You can't lose Anselmo's number."

"I'm trying to do my job, trying to fill some big shoes since [John] Anselmo is gone," Williams continued, referring to helping bring in talented players to the Syracuse squad.

He traveled to the Spring game with fellow ASA Avenger, wide receiver Daniel Marc-Sears, who is still looking for a home for the 2013-14 season as a junior college transfer, which Williams is as well.

Marc-Sears shared that he stands at 6'7" and weighs 200 pounds. He will be worked out by Daoust and Moore at ASA after meeting with them at the Spring game.

Along with trying to aid the Orange on the recruiting end, Williams is also working on himself to be ready for NCAA action. "I'm trying to go there in a position to make the best plays I can make," he offered. "I definitely will be ready."

"The main thing coach Daoust is telling me is to come conditioned," he continued. "I don't know how he tells a 300-pound lineman to stay conditioned," said Williams jokingly.

Speaking on another defensive lineman, Williams shared that he has talked with Davon Walls, who was recently released from the Orange football squad for off-the-field concerns. "Just got off the phone with Davon Walls with his situation, pray the best for him," Williams shared. "It was a huge loss."

"Trust me he would do some great things on the field," he added.

Williams stated he has had a longstanding bond with Walls. "I've known him since I was a kid," he said. "It was a bond from Lincoln…he just put me under the wing."

For those set to compete, Williams had positive words for his defensive teammates. "Brom (defensive tackle Jay Bromley), you got Wayne Morgan at safety, you got Brandon Reddish at corner…look for a lot of turnovers," Williams expressed.

"I just cant wait to see that defense," he added.

Taking a look at the offense, Williams stated, "He's the Hispanic version of me," referring to Orange offensive guard Ivan Foy.

"We were the good ones, they were the evil ones," Williams shared of how he viewed every match his high school, Lincoln, had against Foy's, Fort Hamilton.

"We always had the matchup…my counterpart, my duplicate," he added of lining up opposite Foy.

One of the memories from his high school days was the high school championship game between Lincoln and Fort Hamilton. Foy and Fort Hamilton were victorious in the match, but Williams achieved the honor of top defender in the contest. "I won the battle he won the war," Williams shared.

Never hiding his roots, Williams is excited to share orange and blue with other Brooklyn natives that found their way onto the Syracuse roster, including Foy, Morgan, and Reddish. "All of us we know where we come from," Williams offered. "We gotta go get it."

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