Ollison Talks 'Cuse Offer

While Syracuse is looking all over the country for 2014 talent, they have also made some in-state prospects a priority. One of those is three star running back Qadree Ollision. He discusses his recent Orange offer inside.

Running back is a critical position for Syracuse in their 2014 class. They already have one prospect in the mix, but are looking to add more. Talented in-state running back Qadree Ollison of Canisius High School in Buffalo (NY) picked up an offer from the Orange recently.

"Yeah I did (receive an offer from Syracuse)," Ollison said. "I actually talked to three of the coaches. I talked to Coach (Chuck) Bullough, Coach DeAndre Smith the running backs coach, and I talked to the head coach, Coach (Scott) Shafer.

"It took them a little while to do it because they were busy and things like that. They said they really liked my tape, my size, and my speed and things like that."

Ollison says whenever he receives an offer, it is a great moment. He knows he is being given opportunities that most high school students are not.

"I was excited about it when they told me about the offer," Ollison admitted. "You're always excited when you have a scholarship offer knowing that a school could pay for you to go to school. It was just a blessing. Anytime you receive a full scholarship offer it's cool.

"Every single one that I get, it's the same. It doesn't matter what school it is, I'm excited. I'm pumped about it."

Ollison has not been on a visit to Syracuse yet despite the proximity. He is looking to attend one of their camps over the summer and will check out the program at that time.

"I believe I'm doing their camp in the summer," the 6-foot-1 running back said. "They'll probably show me around the campus then. So sometime over the summer I'm going to go by the campus."

Being a short drive down the thruway, most would expect Ollision to have a strong familiarity with Syracuse football. That is not the case, however, as he appears to be more connected with the basketball program.

"I'm not very familiar with it," the three star prospect claimed. "I know they play in the Dome which is pretty cool. I've been there a couple times, but never for football. I'm really close to one of the basketball guys, Jonny Flynn. He's like family pretty much.

"I've been around there for basketball but not really football. I don't know a lot about the football program."

Still early in the process, Ollison says no one is standing out. He is looking to trim his list over the summer and will take things from there.

"I don't really have a scale of a top five," Ollison added. "Once I see all of their facilities. Every school right now has an equal chance. I've already been to two schools in UB (Buffalo) and Rutgers. Everybody has an equal playing field.

"I've just got to see their facilities and things like that. Probably over the summer I'll have a top five list."

Ollison's recruitment has started to pick up in recent months. He is up to eight offers, including some from the ACC and Big Ten. While it would be nice to choose one of the schools closer to home, he says that won't be the deciding factor.

"It's important to me and my family and friends," Ollison explained. "But at the end of the day, I'm the one making the decision. I'm the one making a choice that's going to affect me for the rest of my life.

"No matter where I go, I know my family is going to come support me. They may not to make every game like they would if I went to UB or Syracuse or something like that. But I know they'll support me."

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