Orange Staying in Touch with Lock

Travis Lock is a talented prospect at a key position for Syracuse. Recently, Rob Moore attended a Nassau Community College practice and spoke to Lock during the trip. He discusses that and more inside.

Syracuse continues to keep tabs on JUCO running back Travis Lock. Assistant coach Rob Moore took a trip to visit Lock on Thursday.

"Yeah, they came to check out the practices," Lock said. "They were checking out some recruits, including Chad Mavety and a couple more kids. It was Rob Moore. He's a cool guy.

"I've talked to him before about Syracuse, the new stuff they're putting in there, and how it's a great program."

Lock has not been to the Syracuse campus for any type of visit. While he is looking forward to a trip in the future, they have not scheduled it quite yet.

"I haven't really set a visit," Lock admitted. "There was a lot of schools out there today, so we didn't really have time to talk to them personally.

"We had a nice practice out there today."

With several schools watching practice, Lock says the intensity picked up. The players were getting after each other trying to showcase their talents for the high profile coaches in attendance.

"It was basically just offense and defense trying to get each other," Lock claimed. "Practice is intense every week, but whenever there's coaches out there, it's even more intense. We go a little bit harder just to make some impressions."

The Orange have been one of the programs in the most contact with Lock. Despite that interest, Lock is focused on other things right now.

"Definitely," Lock said. "Syracuse has been one of the schools that has talked to me the most. Them and Kansas have really been on it. I feel like both programs are great programs and I'm interested in both. Whatever opportunity comes along, it's a blessing to me.

"The season is still my focus. My number one focus is looking forward to the season. When the season comes, we just want to perform our best. Don't worry about looking forward to next year before this season is over with. Our goal is to get the championship."

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