Brosnan Talks Syracuse Offer

Brendan Brosnan has gone from zero offers to thirteen in a matter of months. One of those offers came from Syracuse. He discusses that, a potential visit, and more inside.

Syracuse continues to hit Illinois hard for their 2014 class as they offered yet another talented prospect. This time, it was Maine South (IL) offensive lineman Brendan Brosnan.

"They came in on a Wednesday night about nine days ago," Brosnan recalled. "They came in, they pretty much just saw my film and they liked it. They watched it with the whole staff I think. Then they came in and watched me work out. They really liked me. He (Tim Lester) called me later that night and offered me.

"I was really excited. It was my first, I guess you could say, big offer. Really excited. I'm visiting, actually, in a couple weeks on May 23rd. So, yeah, I'm excited."

The visit and offer may not have been the first correspondence between Syracuse and the 6-foot-6 tackle. However, it was the first direct interaction. It has caused Brosnan to do some research to see if the Orange are a good fit.

"I had talked to them that day they offered," Brosnan explained. "I want to say they've emailed me before that. But that was pretty much my first in person and they offered me that day.

"I didn't know that much about Syracuse but I've done some research. I've found out a lot more. I know they've struggled for a few years there. But overall, they're a really solid team and a solid school. I think it seems like a good place."

Despite Syracuse being a good distance easy from Brosnan, he says distance is not a factor.

"No, no, no that's not an issue," Brosnan said. "Honestly, they're not that far away. I mean, yesterday I got an offer from San Diego State out on the west coast. I mean, that's far. That starts to change things. But Syracuse isn't that far where it starts to change."

The athletic lineman is looking forward to taking in the Syracuse campus in person. Regardless of the research he has done, the best way to get to know a program is to check it out during a visit.

"First, I want to see just what they have to offer," Brosnan admitted. "If it's a place where I'd feel comfortable playing. If it's a good program, good facilities, the coaches if I like them. Just trying to get a sense for what they're doing over the next few years with the program. And the campus too."

Even if the visit goes every well, Brosnan says it is way too early to consider a commitment. He wants to take his time to make sure he makes the right decision.

"There's no chance," Brosnan claimed. "It's too early because all of my offers have come in the last two months. I've gotten 13 offers. I believe I'll get some more. But it's too early for anything like that. I think over the next few months I'll get a sense of where things are."

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