Klock Back on Orange Radar

Trey Klock is an interest prospect for Syracuse. They recruited him from the old staff, lost touch with the coaching change, and now are back in the mix. He discusses that, where the Orange stand, time frame for a decision, and more inside.

Trey Klock was on Syracuse's radar last summer during the camp circuit. The Orange were very high on Klock and stayed in constant communication. Then, the Syracuse coaching staff changed. The coaches that stayed were given new areas to recruit.

That led to the Orange losing touch with the Lower Dauphin High (PA) standout. However, that changed recently as the new staff reached out to Klock and pulled the trigger on an offer.

"Syracuse recruited me last year pretty hard," Klock recalled. "Coach (Tim) Daoust was my recruiting coach for my area. He came in and visited a few times. I went to camp and things were great. Then when they all started switching spots and recruiting different areas and stuff, things sort of fell under. We didn't talk much. I haven't talked to Syracuse for a few months. So now, they're back on board and have officially offered now. Obviously I'm excited about that and they're really high on my list.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to my parents or anybody about the program. I talked to Coach (Pat Perles) about the type of offense they run. I said I'm going to major in business and he told me a little bit about the school and everything. I have a few friends that go there too so I'm definitely going to talk to them soon. One is going to play football. Austin Wilson, the quarterback from East Penn. He'll be the quarterback from the class of 2013. Also some students. There's two girls I know that go there. I talked to the one on Facebook and she's really excited about that as well."

The offer came just a few days after Coach Perles visited Klock at his high school to reestablish the line of communication. While it was a different face that the 6-foot-4 tight end had to associated with Syracuse, it was something that had an impact on Klock.

"I just talked to the coach Saturday morning," Klock said. "I'm pretty excited about that. It was Coach Perles, the o-line coach. He was at our school last week. I actually wasn't there because I was on a field trip that day. He was there and talked with my coach. He said they were really interested. He went back and talked with the other coaches. I talked to him this morning and he said, ‘we're going to offer you. We'd love to have you on campus here soon.'

"What I thought was pretty cool was that most schools are recruiting me as a tight end. That's definitely what I'd like to play in college. But there's a lot for the defensive side of the ball too. He said, ‘I think you're athletic enough to play either side of the ball.' He said that he's the o-line coach and he'd even love me to play tackle for him. We'll see what happens. I weight like 260 right now which is a little more like a high school tight end. So I'm not sure what position I'm going to play yet."

The talk of getting Klock on campus worked. He says that is something he wants to do before making a final decision. In fact, that visit could come as early as this week.

"Actually this is just really brief with my dad," Klock explained. "He came home and we talked. We're thinking about going up as early as this Thursday (May 16th). We're busy the next three weekends so this would be the only time we'd be able to go. Coach said whenever I have a time in mind to give him a call and we'll work it out. I'm definitely going to try to get on campus Thursday. I was at the prospect camp last year but that was at like New York Maritime. So that was at a different location. So I haven't had the chance to see the campus yet."

Now up to nine offers, Klock is looking to make a decision before the summer is out. Recently, he thought he was ready to make a decision. But the emergence of Syracuse, as well as others, made him reconsider.

"Definitely before my senior year," Klock admitted. "I'm not going to let this go into the fall at all. To be honest, I'm not sure when Boston College offered. Maybe three or four weeks ago. But when that happened, and Rutgers offered a few days later, I was ready to make a decision over the next few weeks. I was planning on committing in late May.

"But now that a few more schools have jumped on board, I'm not sure. There are still some visits I want to take. We're running out to Stanford here in a few weeks. We've been down to Georgia Tech. A few others that have jumped on board. So definitely by the end of summer."

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