Rising in the West

With no one in front of him, Jarrod West looks to lead the Orange receiving core. He speaks with CuseNation.com inside.

Last season, the Syracuse Orange football program put together their second winning season in three years as well as advanced to and won their second bowl in as much time.

Heading the receiving core for the 2012-13 campaign were Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales. Lemon was returning as the receiver that had the most experience with quarterback Ryan Nassib from the prior season. Sales was returning to the team after a one-year suspension.

As Sales put together consecutive 100-yard games and Lemon rose the bar for receivers to follow, Orange wide receiver Jarrod West became less visible.

When asked what he learned from Lemon and Sales, West replied, "Competition. Being behind them last year I wanted to be the best, and I was mad that they had a lot of shine. I mean, Alec [Lemon] had 1,000 yards. Marcus [Sales] was right there, almost had 1,000 yards. And I was always in the shadow of them, so, competition."

Knowing what it feels like to be behind other players that share your position, West took the focus off of himself to speak on Syracuse running back George Morris. "He's [an] exciting young player," West stated. "He's a good-looking kid and he can run, so when you give him a little crease, he can go." Morris spent last season behind Jerome Smith, Prince-Tyson Gulley, Adonis Ameen-Moore, and Ashton Broyld.

Having already gone through the first piece of the next chapter of his Syracuse career, West offered his take on his play in the Spring. "I feel I did a bunch of good things and also did some bad things that Ima have to watch in film and try to get better at in the summer," West remarked. "And I have a lot of tools that I wanna work on in the summer to totally curve my game, but, I mean, I think I did pretty well [in the Spring game]."

As to what the areas are that West wants to work on, he responded, "I think I can improve on blocking a little bit. I dropped the ball [in the Spring game], so I don't wanna have any drops, so things like that. Coming out of routes and stuff like that I can get a little better at, staying low."

With the quarterback contest already having begun among Terrel Hunt, John Kinder, and Charley Loeb, West offered his take on the position that will directly affect him. "They're all great quarterbacks," West remarked of the three quarterbacks who practiced in the Spring. "I'm just trying to get open and as long as they can put it in the area, I'm pretty happy with that."

West did not make it any secret that he wants to be the #1 option this season. The lane is open and now it is up to him to get open and catch his dream.

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