Crochet Grabs First Major Offer

Linebacker is a key position for Syracuse in the 2014 class. Offers have gone out fast and furious of late. One of those to add Syracuse to their list is St. Pius Catholic (GA) product Daniel Crochet. He discusses his first BCS offer inside.

Daniel Crochet had a couple lower level offers from Charleston Southern and Kennesaw State when he woke up on Tuesday. Before the day was over, he had added his first major offer as Syracuse pulled the trigger.

"About a week and a half ago they stopped by," Crochet said. "It was Coach (Clark) Lea. He's the linebackers coach at Syracuse. I talked to him and he said they would check me out and finish evaluating me and let me know. Then he called my coach and my coach told me to call him. I talked to him and he told me they were going to offer me.

"It was really exciting. I was speechless. I was shocked. I'm definitely interested in going out there though. We talked about that possibility but nothing specific. I'm definitely going to go out there this summer. I'm going to talk to my parents as soon as I can. I'll sit down with them and talk about it with coach to work out all the details."

When the Orange offered, the St. Pius Catholic (GA) standout was surprised mainly because he didn't know a lot about the program. After doing some research, he's intrigued by what he's learned.

"I wasn't too familiar with it," Crochet explained. "Of course I got all excited when I got the offer and did a bunch of research. I feel pretty good about it. I looked at the facilities, the players they have now, looked at the coaches and saw the head coach was the defensive coordinator. So that's exciting to have a defensive minded head coach. I talked to my coach and he said they run a 4-3, which is what we run here at Pius."

Syracuse is much further north than Crochet has ever been. When he takes that visit, he will be venturing into new territory. It's something he's discussed with his parents, but won't factor into his final decision.

"With my parents, it's been exciting because they play in the ACC," Crochet admitted. "A lot of games would actually be down south and they want to go to every game they can. I actually talked to them about the possibility of going up north since I've never been. I think they'd rather me stay down south, but they're definitely OK with whatever school fits me best."

When he does take that visit up north, Crochet will be looking to get a feel for parts of the program he can't learn about from online research. That could go a long way in where Syracuse stands with the 6-foot-3 linebacker.

"Definitely the personality of the coaches and the team," Crochet explained. "I want to talk to some of the players and get their honest opinion of it. I want to see what it's like being up north because I've never been north of North Carolina. I'll be taking in the environment just to see if it fits me."

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